Man arrested in Fort Payne after making fake "shots fired" call to 911

Man arrested in Fort Payne after making fake "shots fired" call to 911

PHOTO: Michael Duran Havis, 28 of Guntersville was arrested by the Fort Payne Police Department after calling 911 and reporting that a black male in a hoodie was firing shots in the area of 101 14th St W in Fort Payne. Officers believe Havis faked the incident and then streamed the response live on Facebook. (Fort Payne Police Department)

By Staff Reports

Michael Duran Havis, age 28 of Guntersville. (Fort Payne Police Department)

FORT PAYNE, Ala. – According to the Fort Payne Police Department: At approximately 10:19 am on Thursday, November 30th, Fort Payne Police 911 received a call from a male stating that shots had been fired in the area of 101 14th Street NW. The caller gave a description of a black male wearing a white hoodie, as dispatch was on the phone with the caller they heard what they described as pops, possibly gun fire, then the caller hung up.

Officers responded to the address while 911 dispatchers were trying to contact the caller back. At arriving on scene officers observed a male that matched the description of the suspect sitting on a stoop at an apartment. When officers approached the subject, it appeared he was holding a cell phone in his hand.  

The male subject was detained and searched with no weapons found and identified as Michael Duran Havis, age 28 of Guntersville. The area was searched and after speaking to witnesses in the complex it was reported no one heard any gun shots being fired.

Further investigation revealed that Havis was live streaming the incident on Facebook telling listeners that officers were driving around the block and he felt they were going to harass him. It was learned during the investigation that Havis had made the 911 call and surveillance video in the area showed Havis on his phone and used a shoe to make what was believed to be the pops heard by Fort Payne dispatchers. Havis was arrested and charged with Rendering a False Alarm, he is also on probation from a 2012 Felony Charge with Marshall County. His bond for Rendering a False Alarm is set at $500.00.  

The video Havis posted was deleted on Friday. 

Havis was transported from the Fort Payne City Jail to the Marshall County Jail for his Probation Violation Charge yesterday.