The Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas

By Karah Wilson

DEKALB CO., Ala.—Christmas holds many different meanings and traditions to people all around the world. It is the season for giving, and receiving, but most people celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the second chapter of Luke in the Bible, the birth of Jesus is told. It is told that Caesar Augustus demanded that a census be taken of the entire Roman empire, meaning that Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem, leaving Nazareth, where they resided. During their travels, Mary was with child, who was late to be named Jesus. While Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem, it was time for Jesus to be born. The couple went to find a room for Jesus’ birth, but there was no room for them. This caused Mary to give birth to Jesus in a manger. Around the same time of His birth, an Angel appeared to nearby shepherds telling them what had happened. Once the Angel left, the shepherds. There were three kings who also visited the baby Jesus and presented him with gifts. On the eighth day after He was born, he was given the name Jesus.

The Salvation Army makes Christmas about giving and giving back by using volunteers to ring a bell near a red kettle around the county. The donations made help Salvation Army provide for those who need some assistance. Other ways to give during the holidays is donating your old clothes, your money, or even your time. “Bell ringing starts in November and ends on Christmas Eve. For children, the red kettles represent Santa Claus and their faces light with joy knowing that they are helping him with his mission for Christmas by giving donations. For adults, the kettles represent not only a good deed, but hope,” volunteer Donna Gifford said. “By giving a little bit of change, they’re changing families lives. A penny really adds up at the end of the day. What most people consider spare change, makes a change. It really makes a difference to a family whose power would’ve been shut off without it of a family who can’t afford to buy food. Sure, the constant dinging of the bell can be irksome, but it is a calling to those willing to reach out. I personally love ringing season. I love having the opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories. It’s a great way to be involved in the community and to help. I really hope I’m making a difference in the lives of the people I meet, because they honestly make a difference in mine and I am so grateful for the the salvation army and what we do.”

Christmas is also a time for traditions, whether that is picking out a tree, watching movies, or family dinners. Of course, you can’t forget about Santa visiting on Christmas Eve. If you have small children, their excitement for the long awaited night is probably through the roof. Family traditions are something to be held near and dear as they can last a lifetime, and even after by passing it down through generations.

Southern Torch Staff: The things we love about Christmas

Southern Torch wishes each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and we send our best regards to you and your family. May your Christmas be filled with food, presents, family, and love! Below, we had each member of our staff talk about some of the things that make Christmas special to them. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Joe Morgan
Joseph Morgan, Southern Torch Editor and Publisher–"My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with family. I love being around my nieces and nephews and sharing in their excitement as we exchange gifts, eat too much, sing carols and read the Christmas Story."
Angie Reynoso
Angie Reynoso, Office Manager–"My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas movies, the lights, decorations and family gatherings but there is nothing greater than to see the excitement on my kids face on Christmas morning with the smiles and giggles as they unwrap each gift. Its priceless!"
Diego Reynoso
Diego Reynoso, Director of Operations & Distribution–"Watching Christmas movies. My favorites are “White Christmas,” “A Christmas Story,” “Christmas Carol” with George C Scott and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
Dwayne Adams
Dwayne Adams, Layout Editor & Graphic Designer–"My favorite part of Christmas is simply being able to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy fellowship with others. And when it snows it’s even better because everything stops and we are given a moment to reflect, and be thankful."
Marla Jones
Marla Jones, Sports Editor–"My favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend time with those I love. I enjoyed watching my children open their presents but there is just something a little more special seeing the magic of Christmas thru your Grandchildren’s eyes. Merry Christmas!!!"
Tyler Pruett
Tyler Pruett, Political Correspondent–"Every Christmas since the age of 15, I’ve read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens in its original form. As stressful and commercialized as the holidays can be, it’s helpful to be reminded not to be a “Scrooge,” and remember the reason for the season!"
Karah Wilson
Karah Wilson, Intern–"For me, Christmas means going to church and reliving the Christmas story. I also love being able to purchase gifts for all my friends and family that I know best represents their personality and being able to see their faces as they open it. Merry Christmas!"