National Day of Prayer stretches from sea to shining sea

National Day of Prayer stretches from sea to shining sea

PHOTO: (National Day of Prayer) 

By Zach Hester, Reporter

Droves upon droves of men and women of faith will come together today in honor of 2018's National Day of Prayer.

Every president since Harry Truman has signed a proclamation declaring the first Thursday of May as America's National Day of Prayer to encourage people in all walks of life, belief and creed to observe and pray for the nation.

President Donald Trump is expected to continue this tradition by signing a proclamation of his own and then participate in the Day of Prayer at the White House. A national observance will also be held on Capitol Hill tonight at 7:30pm. Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the National Day of Prayer, will lead the service.

While there aren't any gatherings in honor of National Day of Prayer in the immediate areas surrounding DeKalb County (according to, there are several events across the state of Alabama from Dothan and Mobile all the way to First Baptist Church of Huntsville.

National Day of Prayer released this statement in anticipation for their events:

"We are living through a crucial time in our country's history. Division rages, hate and vitriolic language are loud. We're more focused on making enemies than friends... In all this, one thing is crystal clear: politics will not heal us, and government will not fix us. We need a massive prayer movement that will head us back to God and bring healing to our land."

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