A Moment with Megan: Dream Big

A Moment with Megan: Dream Big

Dream Big 1 Dream Big 2By Megan Blansit

Founder of The Beautiful Movement - a youth ministry for high school girls. For more information, visit The Beautiful Movement’s Facebook page, where I post the time, place, and activity for each month

Hi friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful week thus far. I have had a few requests to talk about what The Beautiful Movement is and how it started. First of all, I’m the type of girl who loves to dream big. One of my dreams was to lead a group of girls. I had many ideas that pertain to that but had no idea when or even how it would happen. My journals were full of ideas but my mind couldn’t wrap around how to “get there.”

Now, lets fast forward from years of journaling. The Beautiful Movement was birthed a year ago this month. The Lord laid it on my heart to start a girls ministry for Dekalb County (& the surrounding areas) and specifically spoke “The Beautiful Movement” into my spirit, “moving girls from insecurity to ultimate security in Christ.” At first I was unsure of what this would entail but after seeking Him, things became more clear. After I had a clearer vision, I shared it with my mom and friends. Thankfully, they were immediately on board and continue to be an encouragement and huge help each month!

The Beautiful Movement is for girls in grades 7th-12th, and is not limited to a specific church or denomination. We meet once a month at different locations to have a fun and dig into God’s word. Our first girls night was last November at The Spot coffee shop. I honestly thought maybe five girls would show (way to dream big huh?) That night 14 girls showed! My co-leader, Cassie, and I were ecstatic. Since then the Lord has continually wowed us! I am limited in space here to discuss the activities we have done but to name a FEW, we have had Cupcake Wars, (as seen on tv) tie dyed shirts, went to the jump park in Gadsden, had a scavenger hunt at the park, and went to Alice Circle for crafts. Pictures from each month are posted on the movement’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tbmdekalb .Each month is very different from the last, but thats what makes things exciting! Not only do we have a fun activity for the girls but either me or my co-leader, Cassie Driver, will end the night speaking to the girls. They always get fed the Word when they come to a girls night. Our ultimate goal is not only for the girls to have fun, but to have a Christ encounter. The feedback and testimonies we have heard are priceless. So much joy comes from hearing a girl say she is leaving a different person than when she came because she has felt Christ’s love and knows she has a purpose.

I am in awe as I look back over the past few year. We started out with 14 girls at a coffee shop, and the Lord has over tripled that number. Now we have over 40 girls involved in this ministry, with new faces each month! I know its not about numbers but I get so excited to see this ministry growing. The Lord is truly touching lives and girls are going into their schools, being the witnesses that Christ has called us to be! Because of their passion for the Lord, they are drawing in their friends. I think it is so important for girls to be connected with other girls who love the Lord. Satan is quick to try and convince us that we are the only person trying to live right, but he is a liar. Many friendships have formed in The Beautiful Movement and it truly has been beautiful.

The Beautiful Movement is also a free event for every girl. We never want a girl to be turned away because she couldn’t afford to come. Lets be honest, it takes a lot of money to supply every girl with snack food and all the resources needed for the different activities each month. I have been brought to tears by the people who have not only volunteered their time but their money to this ministry. This ministry could not be done with out donations! For example, how cool is it that we have taken the girls to the jump park in Gadsden and it was paid for by generous people like you. Whenever we have an idea for the next month, my flesh wants to think, “That will be impossible, how could we fund that?” BUT! The Lord always comes through! Thank you to anyone who has been obedient when the Lord led you to donate. Whenever a person donates, 100% goes to the ministry.

I believe it was no accident that the Lord had me call this a movement. A few months ago, a friend of mine started a chapter in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a teacher in an inner city school and meets once a month with girls as well. She has had girls come who didn’t even own a Bible and was able to give them one. Her stories are also tear jerkers. I have no idea what all the Lord has in store for this movement, but I do know that I am expectant and excited!

In closing, I want to give a tremendous thank you to my parents and friends who have supported this ministry, whether it be encouragement, time, or money. This could not be done without you! I also want to challenge anyone reading this to keep dreaming! Never give up on a dream because it may seem to “far-fetched.” God’s expertise is in turning the impossible possible. My dreams don’t stop here and I pray yours don’t stop either. Lastly, maybe the Lord has spoken a specific dream into your heart and the means to achieve it seem almost too difficult, but I encourage you to hang in there, friend. The Lord always comes through! He has a plan for you and it’s going to be great!