Brink's donates truck to Rainsville Police Department

Brink's donates truck to Rainsville Police Department

PHOTO: The Brink's truck parked behind the Rainsville Police Department. The vehicle will be getting an overhaul; with new sirens and radio equipment, donated by the local community. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — When the Brink's Security Armored Transport Division retires a truck used to handle large amounts of money, they have two options: they can either scrap the vehicle, or if it's usable, donate it to a police department for their use.

About a month ago, Rainsville Patrolman Casey Jones approached Chief Kevin Smith about an opportunity through Brink's Security to acquire one of these retired vehicles for the department. Jones had been a guard for the company before working as a police officer in Rainsville.

"The process took about a month," said Smith. "Then earlier this week, a representative from the company called and said, 'it came through, come get your truck!'"

Chief Smith went to Huntsville and brought back the department's armored truck late yesterday. For it's future use, Chief Smith hopes it will serve the city as a mobile command post and save lives in times of disasters.

"This is something we can use to evacuate people with if need be in time of disasters or emergencies and we can also use it to rescue wounded from an active shooting type situation," said Smith. "It will be one of the only armored vehicles in the area."

"The truck can also pull a large amount of weight, allowing it to be utilized to move debris from the roadways if God forbid we had another storm like the April 27, 2011 Tornado," said Smith.

The truck will be getting outfitted with new radio equipment and a light bar. Smith says the new equipment will be donated by the community, and the addition will be without cost to the City of Rainsville.

"We're excited to have it and it certainly has the potential to save lives in the unfortunate event of a disaster," said Smith.