Update on Rainsville Veterans Memorial progress

Update on Rainsville Veterans Memorial progress

(Photo by Tyler Pruett)

By Tyler Pruett

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The Rainsville Veteran’s Memorial is moving along! The deadline for veterans’ names to be submitted is September 9, with no set amount for donations to have a name added. After the deadline, names may still be submitted and etched, but a fee will have to be charged for the work to be done.

Kay Guffey, Chairperson of the Rainsville Beautification and Memorial Committee, provides us with an update on the memorial’s progress.

“We have over 100 veterans’ names submitted already,” Guffey said.

“We had to postpone last Saturday’s work because of an event in the park, but we’ve got it dug out to pour the concrete on Monday. We’ve also got the flag poles ordered,” said Guffey.

“I get a ton of phone calls each day from people wanting a name added or asking how they can help,” added Guffey.

If you would like to help with the project or have a veterans name to add to the monument, contact Derek Rosson at 256-601-0314.