Fyffe vs Walter Wellborn GOTW Recap

You know when you see Johnny Depp’s new trailer  for a month. Every part looks great, you get really psyched

Fyffe vs Walter Wellborn GOTW Preview

Expect a playoff atmosphere tomorrow night as the Fyffe Red Devils host the Walter Wellborn Panthers. Last season the game was

Fyffe vs Ider GOTW Recap

It got late early in Ider on Friday night. The Fyffe Red Devils scored on the opening drive with a

Fyffe vs Ider GOTW Preview

GOTW: Week 1 seems like a long time ago. The Fyffe Red Devils (2-1, 2-0) have spent the last two

Plainview/Pisgah GOTW Recap

Another year, another victory. That’s 20 in a row now for the Plainview Bears over the Pisgah Eagles. The streak


Here is the link to the GOTW Livestream! We hope you enjoy it!