Plainview GOTW Preview

If you’ve ever watched Mike Alstott run the football, then you’ve basically watched Caleb Spears (SR) run the football. Just

Geraldine GOTW Preview

Is anything more impressive to watch than a team that truly cares about and believes in one another? A team

Plainview/Geraldine GOTW

    Make sure you tune in this week and watch the Plainview Bears and the Geraldine Bulldogs go head

Geraldine GOTW Preview

Last season was unexpected. Last season was incredible. Last season is over. So, are the Geraldine Bulldogs reloading or rebuilding?

Fyffe GOTW Preview

Unless you’re at De La Salle or Hoover, high school football programs rise and fall with the tide. Year to

Game of the Week

Southern Torch will broadcast a Game of the Week LIVE every Friday night. You’ll be able to watch the game