Rainsville Council Calls “Special Meeting” Over Lawsuit

The Rainsville City Council called a “special meeting” on Wednesday evening to discuss litigation. “I want to make it clear

Governor Bentley Announces $70 Million Repayment to Rainy Day Fund

Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday announced the state’s ability to repay $70 million to the Education Trust Fund’s Rainy Day

Rainsville Citizens Sue City for Consipracy

Cody and Hope Etherton have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Rainsville. The suit alleges a conspiracy to

The Importance of Voting

Now that the campaign season is entering the final five weeks, there will be a huge increase in the TV

DeKalb Senate Candidate Releases Education Video

This 1-minute video contains testimony from local public educators regarding a few of the reasons why they are glad to

Your Guide to the 2014 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

When Alabamians enter the voting booth on November 4, 2014, they’ll see five proposed statewide Constitutional Amendments at the bottom

Which TV Shows Do Republicans and Democrats Watch?

New charts show the difference in shows watched by GOP, Democrat and Independent voters based on media buys. The charts

Leath Supporter Compares Sheriff to Obama, Letter Goes National

If you’ve been to the VFW Fair this week and passed by the Republican booth you may have noticed a

AEA Gives Parker Griffith $300k

The Alabama Education Association just donated $300,000.00 to Parker Griffith.
$300,000.00 of YOUR dues just went to Parker Griffith.

Improving Alabama’s Culture

Twenty years ago, former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett noticed a disturbing set of developments in American society.  The