The Ray Rice Effect

Has Ray Rice Cost Mark Fuller His Job? Ever since a video of Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancé and present

Move Over Dale Peterson…

Disclaimer: This was not produced by Saturday Night Live.    

America vs American Idol

Who is in charge of the executive branch? What do we call the first 10 amendments to the Constitution? When

Chavies Bridge Project Getting Close

The Rainsville City Council discusses the current status of the Chavies Bridge Project. ALDOT has approved the project December 2015

Alabama Economic Outlook 2014

Throughout the country, states are looking for ways to energize their economies and become more competitive. Each state confronts this

The Facts About Alabama’s Budget System (Part 2)

The Alabama state budget process begins with the Alabama Department of Finance’s Executive State Budget Office (EBO), as required by

Top States for Doing Business 2014

The business climate in the country has seen a massive shift over the last few years with state tax laws

Board Asks for Thrash Vote

Hugh Taylor says he will not make a recommendation.   “Any coach fired should get a chance to present their

Parker Griffith Goes Ballistic

Parker Griffith, Alabama’s Democrat Candidate for Governor, was a guest on the Matt Murphy Radio Show in Birmingham this morning.

Ford Sees Things Differently

By Rep. Craig Ford (D) Recently, our state leaders have been going around patting themselves on the back for how