Your Guide to the 2014 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

When Alabamians enter the voting booth on November 4, 2014, they’ll see five proposed statewide Constitutional Amendments at the bottom

Which TV Shows Do Republicans and Democrats Watch?

New charts show the difference in shows watched by GOP, Democrat and Independent voters based on media buys. The charts

Leath Supporter Compares Sheriff to Obama, Letter Goes National

If you’ve been to the VFW Fair this week and passed by the Republican booth you may have noticed a

AEA Gives Parker Griffith $300k

The Alabama Education Association just donated $300,000.00 to Parker Griffith.
$300,000.00 of YOUR dues just went to Parker Griffith.

Improving Alabama’s Culture

Twenty years ago, former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett noticed a disturbing set of developments in American society.  The

NFIB Endorses DeKalb Legislative Candidates

Senator Phil Williams, with a 100% voting record on pro small business issues, was among those endorsed by the NFIB.

Joe Hubbard is Shooting Blanks

Politicians who don’t have a record to run on or accomplishments to tout almost always end up slinging mud. That’s

We Need Real Solutions for the Budget Crisis

There are many things I believe a person in leadership should be: responsive to their constituents, strong in their core

The Legislature’s Limitations and Need for Reform (Part 3)

Alabama’s Constitution requires the diversion of certain categories of revenue to specific purposes, without those funds ever passing through the

Aderholt Addresses House Vote to Arm Syria

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) today announced his vote against authorizing President Obama to raise, train, and equip a rebel army