Top States for Doing Business 2014

The business climate in the country has seen a massive shift over the last few years with state tax laws

Board Asks for Thrash Vote

Hugh Taylor says he will not make a recommendation.   “Any coach fired should get a chance to present their

Parker Griffith Goes Ballistic

Parker Griffith, Alabama’s Democrat Candidate for Governor, was a guest on the Matt Murphy Radio Show in Birmingham this morning.

Ford Sees Things Differently

By Rep. Craig Ford (D) Recently, our state leaders have been going around patting themselves on the back for how

“Immediate Danger” for the AEA

On Tuesday night former AEA Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert wrote a 4-page letter to the board of the Alabama Education

Judge Jeremy Taylor Rules in Favor of BOE Members

Judge Jeremy Taylor has ruled that the members of the Board of Education should have a say in the case

“Phil Williams Epitomizes Strength”

Phil Williams, Republican Candidate for State Senate District 10, has began his ad campaign with this video titled “Strength”.

The Facts About Alabama’s Budget System (Part 1)

Many taxpayers are familiar with the federal budgeting system, thanks to incessant coverage of budget standoffs, government shutdowns, and increasing

ALGOP Minority Outreach Making Progress

The Alabama Republican Party has recently began an initiative to reach out to minority voters across the state. State Minority

Senate Candidate Horace Clemmons Rolls Out First Campaign Ad

Candidate for State Senate District 8 Horace Clemmons has posted his first campaign ad via social media.