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Rainsville Citizen: I’m Embarrassed – Where is the outrage? Dear Editor, As a citizen of Rainsville, I am embarrassed. I’m embarrassed

Always be helpful

By Diego Reynoso diego@southerntorch.com This week I had treatment. I had missed a week of treatment because the side effects

Gains for human rights in Afghanistan lost

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com While the situation for women and children in Afghanistan has improved since the U.S.-led coalition toppled

Ted Cruz letter to the Editor

Contributed to Southern Torch by Dylan Smith Dear Editor, By now voters across Alabama are tuning in to receive coverage on

Executive action largely symbolic

By Joseph M. Morgan joseph@southerntorch.com President Barack Obama announced Tuesday a new round of executive action on gun control in

Holmes should focus on improving district, not removing flags

  By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com Late last week, State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D – Montgomery) sent a letter to Gov.

Fear is destroying our fundamental rights

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com The highly publicized terror attacks and mass shootings over the last several years has Americans feeling

U.S. Supreme Court overturns Alabama ruling

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com WASHINGTON, D.C..— The nation’s highest court overturned an Alabama Supreme Court ruling on Monday regarding the

New Threats to Public Safety, Same Tired Old Gun Debate

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor tyler@southerntorch.com In the aftermath of every mass shooting that has occurred in recent years, Americans