Rainsville Chamber Chatter, Check out our new website!

Rainsville Chamber Chatter, Check out our new website!


Submitted By Tim Eberhart, Executive Director

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — On Sunday, an all-new rendition of http://www.rainsvillealabama.com went live.

The Rainsville Chamber has provided the official Rainsville website in some form since the end of the 20th century. An updated site was needed because the old 2013 version was not very mobile friendly. Persons viewing it with smartphones had to pinch and zoom in order to view most of the content, and that is no longer an acceptable norm. And, in web years, three years old is very old.

Nowadays, more people access the web with smartphones than with traditional computers. According to Google, most people use their smartphone to search for web content even when they are sitting in front of a traditional computer.

Now, when people search for Rainsville-related content and find rainsvillealabama.com, the site will provide an improved user experience for all visitors whether they are viewing it on a four inch iPhone, a 32-inch monitor, or anything in between.

The new site and it’s navigation elements automatically adjust to whatever screen it’s being viewed on as if they were custom made for each one.

Other than its newfound mobile friendliness, visitors should find it easier to maneuver around the different features. I think many of the web pages were hard to find on the old site.

Too few people even knew that there were pages where you could find city council minutes or ordinances, a page featuring available industrial sites, and a section with city government job postings. But, now those sections should be hard to miss.

When you get a chance, check out the new site.

For many years, the “events” page has been one of the most visited pages at the Rainsville web site. If you are holding an event in the Rainsville area, I’m always glad to include it on that page in most cases. I will include flyers or links to where potential attendees can find out more about your event.

In other news, the Chamber has another new member to report this week. It’s Wright Electrical Supply located at 2403 Briarwood Avenue SW in Fort Payne.

They offer wire, cable and all the connectors for residential, commercial and industrial applications, related tools, lighting products and much more.
Visit http://www.wrightelectricalsupplies.com for more information.