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The Crossville High School Marching Band performed at Ider along with the rest of county in late September.    

It doesn’t matter how much skill you have if the line can’t block…making one teams’ free fall shift the rankings. Each week we grade every team in DeKalb County based on a number of factors. Rankings are based on: Overall

Another $300k to…

It appears as if these commercials with folksy tunes and awkward hugs are working on someone. The AEA has just given Parker Griffith (D) another $300k in his race to unseat incumbent Governor Robert Bentley (R). That makes it $600k

The Rainsville City Council called a “special meeting” on Wednesday evening to discuss litigation. “I want to make it clear that we didn’t have to have this meeting…the papers the City were served have been turned over to the insurance

Friday Night Nuggets

Unfortunately, Week 6 means we’re on the back 9 of 2014.   Crossville Lions (0-5) at Saks (5-0) Saks comes in as a HEAVY favorite, averaging 50 points per game against good teams. Crossville just doesn’t matchup any way you look

Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday announced the state’s ability to repay $70 million to the Education Trust Fund’s Rainy Day Account before the close of Fiscal Year 2014, which ended September 30. By law, Alabama was required to pay a

Alabamians will likely spend almost six billion dollars on public K-12 education in the next academic year.  Like clockwork, grave concerns will be voiced in the next legislative session that this amount is not enough, and that higher taxes, an

Cody and Hope Etherton have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Rainsville. The suit alleges a conspiracy to steal property. According to the suit: city zoning officer Richard Gibson applied excessive restrictions in order to be able to

Now that the campaign season is entering the final five weeks, there will be a huge increase in the TV ads, mail pieces and other campaign activity—all meant to persuade voters to vote one way or another. It’s the homestretch

This 1-minute video contains testimony from local public educators regarding a few of the reasons why they are glad to have a conservative Republican majority in the Alabama Statehouse. One of the most important requirements of any legislature is to