POWER Rankings

With half the season in the books the true identities of teams are starting to take shape. It’s difficult to hide with a 5 game sample size. Southern Torch has compiled our Mid Season POWER Rankings based on a number

You know when you see Johnny Depp’s new trailer  for a month. Every part looks great, you get really psyched up to go see it and you’re telling everyone about it. Opening night comes…and it’s more Lone Ranger than Pirates

Danali’s Deli

Danali’s Deli in Rainsville opened its doors for business on Tuesday of last week. In that time, the staff of Southern Torch has collectively visited the establishment no less than 20 times. Danali’s provides an affordable and healthy food option

Expect a playoff atmosphere tomorrow night as the Fyffe Red Devils host the Walter Wellborn Panthers. Last season the game was fast and furious from the outset as Fyffe blocked a punt that was scooped by Austin Stiefel and taken to

DeKalb County VFW Fair

Week 5 Coaches Show


Boom Days 2013

It got late early in Ider on Friday night. The Fyffe Red Devils scored on the opening drive with a Trent Thrash plunge and it was off to the races. Fyffe Offensive Standouts: Will Mashburn – 92 yards, 2 TDs

GOTW: Week 1 seems like a long time ago. The Fyffe Red Devils (2-1, 2-0) have spent the last two weeks running roughshod over 2A Region 7, averaging 52 points per game in that span and are currently ranked number

Let Peace Rule

We live in a world and society that enjoys a strange contrast. We say we desire to live in peace, yet we love conflict.  We live so much of our lives worrying, arguing with people, anxious about everything, stressed about