DeKalb Passes 24M Budget

DeKalb Passes 24M Budget

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala.-- (FULL VIDEO ON SOUTHERN TORCH FACEBOOK) At the regular monthly meeting of the DeKalb County Commission, the 2021-2022 FY Budget, in the amount of $24.6 million was passed. The DeKalb County Administrator, Matt Sharp, presented the budget with all of the Commissioners being in agreement. 

Sharp informed that this year’s budget was a slight increase from last year and credited sales tax for the increase. “The 2021-22FY Budget is $24.6 million. This is up about 4% from the current year’s budget. The increases in the budget include the State Gas Tax that will go up by 2cents/gallon. This will be about a $200,000 increase to the paving/resurfacing budget. Other increases are the SSUT tax (the County’s portion of the tax on online purchases) and the federal inmate revenues. Most other revenues have stayed flat or will have modest increases,” stated Sharp. 

“The budget will fund a modest 2% cost-of-living adjustment for all employees, as well as step increases for most employees. The largest expense budget is for the Sheriff’s Office and Jail. That budget is $8.8 million. Next is the Road Department at $7.6 million. The Revenue Commissioner & Reappraisal Program has a budget of $2.2 million. The General Fund, not including the Revenue Commissioner, (which includes most other departments in the County) has a budget of $4.6 million. The remaining $1.4 million is mostly for federal grant-related programs,” concluded Sharp. 

Personnel changes in the Road Department, Sheriffs Office, and Revenue Commission were approved by the Commission. 

The County Engineer, Ben Luther, presented the amended FY2022 County Transportation Plan that showed proposed improvements in all the districts. Luther also announced the annual bids for items used at the Road Department. 

Luther presented two claims that were approved to send to insurance carriers for busted tires, rims, and radiator due to potholes. 

The following Speed Limit Resolutions were proposed by Luther and approved by the Commission:

CR 135 to 30 mph (Geraldine/Skirum area)

CR 610 to 25 mph (From CR 85 to CR 608)

Luther presented the annual ALDOT Snow and Ice Removal proposal which provides service on state routes by the County. All rates will remain the same as last year.

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