DeKalb BOE Approves Placements, Recognizes Early Graduate

DeKalb BOE Approves Placements, Recognizes Early Graduate

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — The DeKalb County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on May 28 via the Zoom platform due to COVID-19. 

To start the meeting, the Board recognized  Katelyn Rando, an early graduate from Sylvania High School. Rando qualified to graduate a full year early. 

Special Visitor, Ashleigh Bubbett from the Examiner of Public Accounts gave a report to the board on the recent audit.

The following Retirements and Resignations were granted:

  • Pam Gann - Assistant Superintendent and Special Education Coordinator - Retirement 
  • Jodi Benefield - Physical Education Teacher - Fyffe High School - Retirement 
  • Blake Wigley - Agri-business Teacher and Bus Driver - Crossville High School - Resignation  
  • Jerry Poe - Bus Driver - Sylvania High School - Resignation 
  • Taylor Gilbert - Girls Varsity Soccer Coaching Duties Only - Sylvania High School - Resignation
  • Jeremy Smith - Girls Basketball Coaching Duties Only - Geraldine High School - Resignation 

The Board approved the following transfers (All transfers will have an effective date of 8/1/20 unless otherwise specified.) 

  • Bradley Crawford - Assistant Principal to Principal (12 month) at Collinsville High School (Probationary Contract 7/1/20-6/30/22)  
  • Kendra Varner - Pre-K Auxiliary at Ruhama Jr. High School to Pre-K Teacher at Crossville Middle School 
  • Sharon Smalley - CNP Worker to Assistant CNP Manager at Plainview High School  
  • Macy Smith Cole - Elementary Teacher at Crossville Middle School to Crossville Elementary School 
  • Katie Willingham - Elementary Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School to Plainview High School  
  • Brittany Sears - Elementary Teacher at Crossville Elementary School to Fyffe High School

The Board made the following placements (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification)

(All placements will have an effective date of 8/1/20 unless otherwise specified.) 


  • Valerie Arnold - Business Tech Teacher - Collinsville High School 
  • Amelia Parker McMahan - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School 
  • Amber Brown - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School 
  • Stephanie Gipson - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Middle School 
  • Cori Amos - Secondary English Language Arts Teacher - Crossville High School 
  • Julie Caminiti - Elementary Teacher - Plainview High School 
  • Laney Gaddis - Secondary English Language Arts - Plainview High School  
  • Cassidy Romans - Itinerant Special Education Teacher - Ider Special Services 
  • Heather Conkle - Pre-K Teacher - Ruhama Jr. High School
  • Kate Freeman - Itinerant Speech Language Pathologist 
  • Tonia Wilburn - Itinerant Special Education Teacher - Plainview High School 
  • Jeremy Smith - Head Boys Basketball Coaching Duties Only - Geraldine High 


  • Robert Bryant - Assistant Custodian (7 Hour/9 Month) - Crossville Middle School
  • Francisca Espinosa Ovalle - Assistant Custodian (7 Hour/9 Month) - Crossville Middle School  
  • Lee Anne Hulgan - Assistant Secretary - Valley Head High School 
  • Aaron Wilbourn - Bus Mechanic - Bus Garage 
  • Tammy Richey - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Geraldine High 
  • Tera Tatum - CNP Worker - Collinsville High School 
  • Amanda McKee - CNP Worker - Fyffe High School 

Summer Workers 

  • Garrett Cantrell - Collinsville High School 

The following contracts were awarded:

  • Wendy Ann Bowman - Sign Language Interpreting Services
  • Penny Colvin - Behavior Consultation 
  • Madge Gower - SLP Consultant 
  • Twin Acres Physical Therapy
  • Montana Gattis - Student Computer Technician
  • Matthew McCollum - Student Computer Technician
  • Alex Thomas - Student Computer Technician 
  • Margaret Brown - Clerical Work 

During the meeting, the Board discussed the 2020 Policy Committee recommendations that were tabled at the previous meeting. One recommendation was the weighted grade policy.  The Board approved the amended section 4.9.2 guidelines regarding weighted grades to be put off to the 2022-2023 school year. 

The Board also discussed the uniform policy for employees.  Mark Richards advised the board that several nurses had asked to be removed from the uniform policy for the coming year since many had already purchased uniforms. The board passed the uniform policy with a 3-2 vote. Board members Richards and Monty Darwin voted against the nurse’s portion of uniform policy.

The next DeKalb County Board of Education meeting will be held on June 16, 2020, at 12:00 P.M. (Meeting will be conducted through a digital platform.)

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