City Votes to Rezone Property

City Votes to Rezone Property

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.-- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook) The Fort Payne City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 15,

A Public Hearing was held to receive comments on the proposed re-zoning of 6.96 acres located at 1310 Airport Road West from M-1 (Light Industrial) to R-F (Rural Farm) and owned by Melanie Miller.

The Council passed the following Ordinances and Resolutions:


• 2022-05, authorizing the re-zoning of the property discussed in the public hearing.


• 2022-34, authorizing Attorney Watson to seek an Attorney General’s Opinion regarding the City’s expenditure of funds for a business that has commenced operations.

• 2022-35, declaring certain Public Works vehicles surplus.

• 2022-36, declaring certain Police Department vehicles surplus.

• 2022-37, declaring a certain Fire Department vehicle surplus.

• 2022-38, declaring certain Inspection department vehicles surplus.

• 2022-39, declaring certain Recreation Department vehicles surplus

• 2022-40, declaring certain equipment and supplies surplus.

The Council approved the Proposed Subdivision of :

• Stephen K. and Brenda K Eberhart, property located between 106 and 112 Lakeview Road S.E.

A discussion was held about the City repairing sidewalk in front of the new Mater’s Pizza Restaurant.  The City approved the repair for an easement between Maters and the City Parking lot.

A discussion about the City selling property to Gil Graham at the “Carden Property” was had.  The sale was approved. The property will extend an existing industry and will be sold at the same price originally paid.

Board Appointments:

Fort Payne Improvement Authority: Robbie Davis and Monia Smith’s current terms expire on December 31st. Fort Payne Water Board: Dana Goggans current term expires on December 18th. Applications will be accepted at the Fort Payne City Hall for these positions until November 23.  Interviews will be conducted on November 30, at 12:00 p.m. The new appointments will be voted on at the next meeting of the Fort Payne Council. 

The next meeting of the Fort Payne Council will be held on Tuesday, December 6 at 12:30 p.m.

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