Zeigler issues statement after being booed on NPR Broadcast
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Zeigler issues statement after being booed on NPR Broadcast

PHOTO: State of Alabama Auditor Jim Zeigler at the Mid Alabama Republican Club in Vestavia Hills earlier this year. (Jim Ziegler’s Office)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler appeared on a broadcast of National Public Radio’s (NPR) “Weekend Edition Saturday” this previous weekend.

The crowd present was a, “largely-Democratic live audience,” according to Zeigler, and those present weren’t too happy with his assertion that the Comey hearings were, “Much ado about nothing.”

I guess they weren’t fans of Shakespeare!

For full audio and transcript of the broadcast: http://www.npr.org/2017/06/10/532350794/alabama-republican-leader-jim-zeigler-on-trump-and-comey

Statement Issued by Zeigler’s Office: 

When NPR broadcast its “Weekend Edition Saturday” from Birmingham’s Lyric Theater, the only Republican invited onto the show was Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler.

Would it surprise you to learn that Zeigler was also the only guest interrupted and booed by the largely-Democratic live audience?

Zeigler had led an ethics complaint that contributed to the resignation of former Governor Robert Bentley. But the NPR staff asked no questions about that.  Nor did they ask about Zeigler’s work against waste, mismanagement and corruption in government. All the questions were about President Trump and the hearing of former FBI Director Jim Comey.

Zeigler used a Shakespearean term, calling the Comey hearing “Much Ado About Nothing.”  That triggered an interruption and boos, prompting a request by NPR moderator Scott Simon for respect and allowing Zeigler to speak.

Here is the exchange:

STATE AUDITOR JIM ZEIGLER:  Here’s what two different Alabama citizens have told me about the Comey hearing – “Much ado about nothing.”  “Much ado about nothing.” And that is generally the viewpoint. The people of Alabama basically see this as a sideshow, a distraction to moving forward with a…

(Zeigler was interrupted by audience.)


NPR MODERATOR SCOTT SIMON:  Please let Mr. Zeigler speak. He’s been kind enough to come here, I suspect sensing that he wasn’t necessarily walking into a welcoming crowd. Let’s give him the respect that he’s due.

The audio recording and transcript of Zeigler on NPR are at:  http://www.npr.org/2017/06/10/532350794/alabama-republican-leader-jim-zeigler-on-trump-and-comey

Zeigler assessed the Comey hearing:

  • Trump is not under investigation.
  • There was no evidence of obstruction of justice.
  • There was no evidence of any crime or impeachable offense by President Trump.
  • The leaker turned out to be Comey himself.
  • Comey leaked only detrimental information on Trump and conveniently forgot to leak that Trump is not under investigation.

Zeigler also said he does not believe President Trump will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The first-term State Auditor said the NPR experience showed he “could take tough questions and hold up under hostile fire.”

“At least I got to see the restored Lyric Theater.  It is gorgeous and a great venue for events.”

The broadcast reached 800 NPR stations.

Zeigler says he will respond to the negative reaction of the NPR audience in his own weekly radio show Monday at 5:29 p.m.  It is carried worldwide onwww.wtkiradio.com and on four stations in Alabama’s Tennessee Valley. Facebook event:  Zeigler Radio Reply to Rude NPR Show”


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