VIDEO: Fyffe Town council approves first step in building Splash Pad!
June 14, 2017
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VIDEO: Fyffe Town council approves first step in building Splash Pad!

PHOTO: The new Fyffe Splash pad will be in the Town Park! (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

FYFFE, Ala. — (Video at the Bottom) At Monday night’s (June 13, 2017) meeting of the Fyffe Town Council, a resolution was adopted to begin the engineering on a Splash Pad in the Town Park!

Around halfway through the meeting Mayor Pro Tem Gerald Green said, “This next item is to adopt Resolution 2017-06-12, authorizing the town to enter into a contract with LADD Environmental Consultants Inc., on the LWCF (Land Water Conservation Fund) Splash Pad project”

The contract with LADD will cost $12,636.00 and will be funded by a LWCF Grant from the Alabama Department of Economic Affairs (ADECA).

“What this is, is we set out for bids, we put out advertisement for bids. And we only received two. Two ROQs, which is basically like I’ve said, is the statement of qualifications. One being from LADD, and another from Carr & Associates Engineers. This was done by three separate people: Gerald (Green), Mrs. Katy (Woodall), and Paul (Mayor Cagle),” explained Brandi Clayton, Town Clerk.

“This is a step in the process for the grant process. The points were based on qualifications, experience, and capacity, and it was determined that LADD would be the company chosen. That was the only two valid submittals we received, and now we’ve come down to this, and we can go ahead and get started on the next steps,” said Clayton.

The council voted to suspend the rules (to vote on a new item after it’s first read), Councilman Dale Wooten made the motion to adopt the resolution: “I make a motion that we go forth and enter into the contract with LADD to go to the next step.”

Councilman James Spears seconded the motion. The resolution passed, with Councilman Fred Works voting against.

“I’m still against it,” Works said.

After the meeting Mayor Pro Tem Councilman Gerald Green said that the project should be complete by, “next summer.”

In other items, Fyffe Police Chief Dale Manning gave a report from the department for the period of May: “We had 121 citations, which is up from April’s 79 (citations). We had 12 INO reports, had 29 arrests, we worked 2 parking lot wreck reports, and one roadway wreck. We checked 33 businesses, we dispatched 28 calls, we were called to assist other departments 17 times, and we assisted six citizens.”

Fyffe Police Chief Dale Manning gives a monthly report for May and discusses a training system offered through their insurance provider. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

In other business Manning reported that their insurance provider offered usage of a system called, “FAST” which is a scenario training aid. The system projects a scenario on a large screen, and is provided with training weapons, pepper spray, and tasers. The weapons are loaded with compressed air to simulate the sound of gunfire. The system gives the opportunity for officers to practice acting on different situations. It gives realistic training and helps officers decide when to “shoot” or de-escalate the situation. The system will be set up in the court room, and can be used by anyone on the city’s insurance.

Fyffe Fire Chief Nathan Nail then gave a report to the Council. Nail reported that there wasn’t much new business, but the department was working on their yearly ISO inspections.

Nail did have information on a new service for the new department that would, “greatly benefit us as a fire department; not only for time, but also for ISO.”

The service would actually come out and test and inspect all the department’s equipment for it’s yearly ISO inspections. Nail also reported that the service would save money, “if we decide to go this route on our hose testing, basically we’re going from .21 cents a foot, down to .17 cents a foot. So you are looking at going from about $1700.00 to about $1400.00.”

“Hose testing, is one of the things you hate to do, but you have to do it. It’s very time consuming. It’s one of those things that takes us as a department, three or four months to do. I would like to go this route this year, and see how it works out,” explained Nail.

He also explained that the crew with the company can come in and do all their testing, and that the crew travels, and only does testing. The company also reportedly has a local office, and was currently conducting tests in Arab during the current week. Nail, also stated that the service is being considered at a county level. The council will consider the service and vote at a later meeting.

Other items addressed at the meeting:

  • Chose to renew the franchise with the DeKalb-Cherokee (DC) Gas District, as opposed to 30, as proposed by DC Gas, to have time to get all the information on all the residents with natural gas.
  • Discussed a request to open a beauty shop in a residence in the Fyffe Town limits. The council decided discuss the issue in the next meeting.
  • The Water Works board has asked the council and the Fyffe Industrial Board to consider a right-of-way for Morning Glory assisted living, in order for the business to connect to the sewer.
  • The council also the need to change the street name of First Street, to either First Street South and First Street west, or possibly First Avenue. An issue arose with issuing addresses to new apartments on the street.
  • Discussed a speed bump request for Bryant Drive. A citizen had asked for the speed bumps due to children playing. The council denied the request, as only four residences are located on the road, and the speed limit is only 15 mph.
  • Agreed to put in a street light request for the intersection of Bouldin Road and Traylor Street East or County Road 50 and at or near 5810 County Road 52
  • Discussed a request for assistance from the town with, “cutting back trees from the right-of-way on Camp Lane.”
  • Approved vouchers for Town purchases, which covers office supplies, equipment for the departments, etc.

Watch the Full Video:

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