Moonshine operation busted in Sylvania
July 15, 2016 Share

Moonshine operation busted in Sylvania

Featured image: Sylvania Police Chief Ross Greenwood shows off the 25 gallons of mash that were seized.

By Marla Jones

SYLVANIA, Ala. — Acting on a tip by a concerned citizen, the Sylvania Police Department searched a location and found 25 gallons of corn mash. Equipment was also seized that was used to manufacture moonshine.

Mash is a fermented concoction of corn, sugar, water, and yeast that is distilled to create moonshine. Distilled alcohol can be produced using different grains, but moonshine is typically made with a corn based mash.

According to Sylvania Police Chief Ross Greenwood, an investigation is underway and more details will be released at a later time.


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