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PHOTO: Rainsville Councilman Rickey Byrum challenges Southern Torch reporting regarding the road paving project at the crossing. (Marla Jones | Reporter) By Marla Jones, Reporter marla@southerntorch.com RAINSVILLE, Ala. — (Scroll Down for Video)  The Rainsville City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting

By Marla Jones, Reporter marla@southerntorch.com  RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Many Rainsville residents will notice that work has begun at the Rainsville crossing of Highways 35 and 75. This endeavor is a federal project with eighty percent of the cost coming from

By Joseph M. Morgan joseph@southerntorch.com After running for 2,384 yards last season at Fyffe, Austin Stiefel will soon be going another 59.8 miles. That’s 52,629 yards.  But he won’t be running those yards, he’ll be driving the distance soon when