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By Lucas Pruett, Southern Torch Faith Contributor writingonpurpose@gmail.com Have you ever thought about the fact that you are not your own? You belong to something so much bigger than yourself. You belong to God. We put a lot of stock into

By Lucas Pruett, Southern Torch Faith Contributor writingonpurpose@gmail.com Yesterday, I read a Psalm that knocked my socks off. Please go read Psalm 29 now before reading this. Pull out your bible or go to the Bible app on your phone and check

By Lucas Pruett The past few Sunday’s I have been attending a new church in Atlanta called Influencer’s Church. It is a great environment. A couple of my co-workers attend there and I thought I would check it out. The

Who Are You?

By Lucas Pruett Last night, I started reading one of the most impactful books I have ever picked up. It is called Victory Over the Darkness. If you get one thing out of this article, then please let it be

By Lucas Pruett You know what is one of the main things we seek in our lives on a daily basis? Compassion. We don’t realize it at all but we want so badly for someone to have compassion on us.

Get Off the Stage

By Lucas Pruett You know what all of us are better at then we would think we are? Being actors. It’s true. Most days we all put on a performance that is worthy of an academy award or two. It

By Lucas Pruett This week as I write, I am currently sitting in a missionary house called Haciendo Esperanza (The House of Hope) in the Dominican Republic. I have the privelege of being one of the coaches for baseball team

By Lucas Pruett I love to read. Early on in my professional career, I learned a quote that says “Leaders are readers.” I have a stack of five books on my desk that are my next up to read. Whenever

By Lucas Pruett This week we are back in Psalms! Join with me and let’s sing. Psalm 6 is absolutely beautiful, but not in the way you think. David is in some serious trouble and is hanging on by a

By Lucas Pruett A few minutes ago, I sat down to brainstorm on what to write this week. First off, it’s hard to believe that this is my fifth article. It’s amazing how quick the months fly. I thought about