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By Joseph M. Morgan joseph@southerntorch.com RAINSVILLE, Ala.— Truth remains murky in Rainsville, as conflicting explanations and widely varying news reports continue to emerge amidst the high drama that began at a city council meeting on Feb. 1. The security of

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com Feb. 1 marks the first electoral event for the 2016 Presidential Elections. Voters in the Hawkeye state will elect delegates in the first step of a four-step process in selecting nominees for each party. The Iowa

By Karah Wilson karah@southerntorch.com BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— Democratic presidential candidate and U.S Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, made a stop to rally in Birmingham on Jan. 18. Despite Alabama being a predominantly red state, over 7,000 Sanders supporters showed up to