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(Photo by Amy Thrash) By C. Campbell, Staff Writer cody@southerntorch.com RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Fort Payne Footworks has opened a second store, located on Highway 75 in Rainsville. According to Jill Caneer, who runs the Fort Payne location, a number of

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com Because 2016 is a presidential election year and media coverage of the presidential race is so extensive, the importance of other races on the ballot—county, statewide, even other federal races—often becomes minimized and lost in the

By Joseph M. Morgan joseph@southerntorch.com DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — The cities of Fort Payne and Rainsville were recently recognized by two of the premier community development programs in Alabama. In May, Rainsville Mayor Nick Jones announced that the city had