Signs Spark Confusion
December 13, 2018
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Signs Spark Confusion

By Marla Jones, Reporter •

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Building contractors have expressed concern regarding new code enforcement signs that are popping up in developing subdivisions in the City of Rainsville. 

David Snay, part-time Rainsville Revenue Officer, spoke with Southern Torch concerning the city ordinance referenced by the signs, which addresses driveway specifications for new subdivisions. The yard signs state that all driveways must meet city code within 60 days of the installation and listed the city hall phone number. 

Snay stated that he had received numerous calls regarding the signs, but called it a street department issue. 

Ricky Dobbins of the Rainsville Street Department said there are plans to amend the ordinance to include the 60-day rule at the next meeting of the Rainsville City Council. The changes are likely to be presented by Councilmember Ricky Byrum. 

Dobbins said that the 60-day rule didn’t apply to the entire driveway, but just the ends of the driveways’ tile. He stated that usually the ends get mashed in when the big trucks come through bringing materials onto the site, and the damage never gets fixed until the City has to come in and repair it. 

Additionally, Dobbins said the enforcement efforts were due to a lot of out-of-town contractors coming into town and not following the city codes. 

Councilmember Ricky Byrum said that he would present a breakdown on the purpose of the ordinance amendment at the Council’s meeting on Monday night. 

He said that the City has spent over $100,000 on tiles because they were bent and wouldn’t allow water to flow through properly. Byrum stated that he believed that the amendment would increase property values in the City and would stop out-of-town contractors from coming in and not following the rules. 

Byrum said that this was not an attempt to stunt the City’s growth, but to protect the citizens from carrying the burden of repair. He also said that Rainsville’s regulations were much less restrictive than neighboring cities like Fort Payne and Scottsboro.

Southern Torch could not determine why attempted enforcement of the proposed ordinance changes occurred prior to the city council formally adopting those changes.

Southern Torch reached out to local contractor Trampas Shankles regarding the signs that were recently put up. 

He stated that he wished the City had given him a call to let him know instead of putting a sign up in the yard that suggested a violation of a city regulation. He said the signs might affect potential home buyers who are considering a home purchase in Rainsville. 

The issue is set to be discussed on Monday night at the Rainsville City Council workshop, which begins at 4:15pm. All home builders and contractors currently building within the City limits are encouraged to attend.

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