Rainsville to begin engineering work on Chavies Bridge (VIDEO)
October 7, 2016 Share

Rainsville to begin engineering work on Chavies Bridge (VIDEO)

The Rainsville Council and Mayor Nick Jones approved payment to CDG Engineering to begin work on Chavies Bridge. (Southern Torch | Tyler Pruett)

By C. Campbell, Staff Writer


RAINSVILLE, Ala. — On Monday, October 3rd, the Rainsville City Council held their regular workshop and meeting. One of the central points of discussion at the council meeting revolved around roads throughout Rainsville being resurfaced.

It was noted that road resurfacing projects at RTI Industrial, Chavies Road, and Shiloh Estates Road had been completed.

A motion was made and approved, empowering Mayor Jones to sign a letter addressed to Wiregrass Construction, informing them of the work’s completion.

A motion passed to pay $4,007.31 to CDG Engineering, regarding plans for work at Chavies Bridge.

The planned resurfacing of Carlyle Road was also discussed, roadwork will begin around October 20th. An up-front payment to the county for the work was approved, totaling $76,259.

First phase of the project will be the laying down of tar and gravel, and the asphalt will follow after the tar and gravel has been given at least 48 hours to cure.

One citizen asked the council about potential future plans for paving projects, including Maple Avenue.

Councilwoman Melissa Ledbetter stated that the resurfacing of Maple Avenue would not be an option because it was her opinion that doing so would be illegal.

The council and mayor have been at odds over the re-surfacing of the unnamed drive off of Maple Avenue that has seven homes on it. This has been ongoing topic for several months.

Mayor Jones mentioned that there probably would not be any more paving taking place this year, due to temporary cooling.

The city council also approved their minutes, and passed a motion to pay the bills.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Rainsville City Council will be held on Monday, October 17, with the workshop beginning at 5:00 pm and the regular meeting at 5:30 pm.


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