VIDEO: Rainsville Council Makes Board Appointments

VIDEO: Rainsville Council Makes Board Appointments

PHOTO: The Rainsville City Councilmen and Mayor discuss business during Monday night's meeting. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — At tonight's meeting, the Rainsville council took care of appointments to the Library, Rezoning, Adjustments, Agri-Business Center, Public Building Authority, Beautification, Industrial Development, and the Tom Bevill boards. The council also received reports on the ongoing bridge projects on Chavies and Boozer Roads.

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Chuck Chitwood of CDG Engineering gave a report on the Chavies Bridge project to begin the work session. Chitwood reported that the bridge design had been submitted to ALDOT for review and CDG is currently working on the right-of-way agreements. He also stated there was an issue with overhead utility wires that would have to be addressed with Sand Mountain Electric. Chitwood stated that the project was on track to be open for bids by the end of May. This process will take 60 days, after which another 30 days will need to elapse before construction can begin. Once construction begins around August, Chitwood estimated that it would take 120 days to complete.

Chitwood also brought an application from the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP). The program provides grants for cities to improve their sidewalks. The grant pays 80 percent, with a 20 percent match required from the city. As Chitwood pointed out, engineering and design costs aren't included in the grant. The city is considering adding a sidewalk to areas of Highways 35 and 75. The grant application is not due until December, so the city has a while to get the plan together.

Adam Lea from LADD Engineering updated on the bridge project on Boozer Road. ALDOT had approved vertical and horizontal alignments on the bridge, but asked for changes to the cross section. The changes would be submitted on Tuesday, March 7. Lea reported that the project would be approved for bids in August.

Charles Martin, representing the United States Marine Corp's "Toys for Tots" charity informed the council that they would not be doing their regular road block fundraiser in Rainsville due to safety concerns at their normal location. The council recommended they move the event to the red light at Marshall Road, and Highway 35, in front of Plainview School. Martin said he would check with other members and get back to the council.

Police Chief Kevin Smith announced two new programs the department would be beginning this year. The first program, the Citizen's Police Academy would give the citizens of the area the chance, "to learn what we do, why we do it, and how we do it." The program will be four to six weeks long and will involve one to two

The other program, the Reserve Officers Training Program, will double the amount of police officers available to the city, with Rainsville only having to provide Workman's Compensation Insurance. Members of the program won't be certified police officers, but will be able to work with a certified police officer when they are performing various duties for the city. The training will take two weekends a month for a year and half to complete.

Members of the Reserve Officer's program can be rolled into a full time or part time position in the department. Members will carry a weapon and be firearms qualified and required to work 12 hours each month.

For more information on these programs, visit the Rainsville Police Department's Facebook page.

Fire Chief Willie Wright announced they would be bringing the "burn trailer" to Rainsville for the department to conduct training. The "burn trailer" simulates an active structure fire, and allows fire fighters to practice entering a structure in a more controlled environment.

The department also reported that the training attended recently at the Athens Fire College was a success.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt reported that the leasing agreement with Cornerstone Academy for the use of Bethune Park would be ready by the next meeting. The mayor also announced a special work session for Monday, March 13 at 5 pm to hear a presentation from Every Watt Matters and a representative from Congressman Robert Aderholt's office. The meeting is open to the public and media.

The mayor also recognized the Junior Beta Club from Cornerstone Christian Academy for competing and placing in the statewide competitions for Science Division 1, Oil Painting Division 1, Advertising Design Division 2, and Group Talent Division 2. Cornerstone's Junior Beta will going on to the National Convention held at Disney World during June.

"You just can't brag enough about the kids in our community. They put a lot of time in to what they do," said the mayor.

"I'm proud of these kids and our community," Lingerfelt went on to say.

In the regular meeting, after approving the minutes from the last meeting, the council approved a work session next Monday, and a mutual aid agreement with the DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

The council then made the following board appointments:

Industrial Development Board

  • D.L. Stiefel (2017)
  • Nick Hall (2017)
  • Ralph Hall (2017)
  • Joel Moncus (2017)
  • Wendell Elliot (2017)
  • Jamie Jones (2017)
  • Larry Traylor (2018)
  • Benji Laney (2018)
  • Kevin Wilkes (2018)
  • Robert Ellis (2018)
  • Scott Kirk (2018)
  • Donnie Frasier, Jr. (2018)

Tom Bevill Enrichment Center Board

  • Faye Gaskins (2017)
  • Melissa Ledbetter (2017)
  • Michael Garrett (2017)
  • Joe Flarity (2018)
  • Cindy Black (2018)
  • Kelly Frasier (2018)
  • Zane Mitchell (2018)

Beautification Board

  • Tammy Mason(2017)
  • Cathy Gladhilc (2017)
  • Ashley Rosson (2017)
  • Kay Guffey (2018)
  • Lisa Chandler (2018)
  • Pat Flarity (2018)
  • Kelly Lawrence (2018)
  • Brook Debter (2018)

Public Building Authority

  • Eric Samples (2017)
  • Jamie Jones (2017)
  • Larry Traylor (2018)

Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center Board

  • Angie Stewart (2017)
  • Junior Maddox (2017)
  • Ricky West (2017)
  • Brian Thomas (2018)
  • Dr. Tim Croyle (2018)
  • Buddy Borkin (2018)
  • Eric Samples (2018)
  • Larry Traylor (2018)

Board of Adjustments

  • Lisa Chandler (2017)
  • Ronald Bell (2017)
  • Kevin Miller (2018)
  • Joe Flarity (2018)

Zoning Board

  • Jimmy Willingham (2017)
  • Anthony Whorton (2017)
  • Jamie Jones (2017)
  • Felicia Mitchell (2017)
  • Carol Laney (2018)
  • Skeeter Logan (2018)
  • Cathy Gladhill (2018)
  • Kelly Lawrence (2018)
  • Brook Debter (2018)

Library Board

  • Joyce Baker (2017)
  • Anne Poe (2017)
  • Bill Ayers (2017)
  • Teresa Hill (2017)
  • Paul Tomlin (2017)

Other Items Approved by the council:

  • Hired two new part time Fire Fighters.
  • Purchased two new safety signs for the Fire Department to warn drivers of controlled burns being conducted by the city.
  • Changed sanitation can redelivery fee from $30 t0 $40.
  • Approved new Street light at Everett and Maple
  • Approved new Street light at the corner of Garrett and Chavies
  • Purchased 100 garbage cans for new customers for $6000.00.
  • Approved Police Department's "Reserve Officer Program." (Stiefel Abstained)
  • Approved Police Department's "Citizen's Police Academy."
  • Approved enforcement for acquisition of Right-of-Ways for the Chavies Bridge Project
  • Approved Design and Safety
  • Approved Storm Water Report
  • Hired Sara Mcanelly as a new Part Time dispatcher for the police department
  • Empowered mayor to fill out the grant application for the TAP program
  • Paid Monthly bills.

The next regular Rainsville City Council meeting will be held on Monday, March 20 at 4:15 pm in the Rainsville City Annex.