VIDEO: Board considers “medium between ISS and 30 day program”

VIDEO: Board considers “medium between ISS and 30 day program”

PHOTO: The DeKalb County Board of Education reviews documents related to an incident on a Crossville School Bus, in which the driver was suspended. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — (Full Video at the Bottom) In last week’s meeting, the DeKalb County Board of Education heard a proposal for a new discipline program, suspended a bus driver;  and handled placements, transfers, leaves of absences, and approved volunteer coaches.

Workshop: To begin the workshop, the board discussed utilizing a youth alternative placement program through DeKalb County Youth Services.

Thomas Whitten addressed the board. Mr. Whitten heads DeKalb County Youth Services and presented the board with a proposal for a youth alternative placement program.

The proposed program will be a shorter time alternative placement, and will serve as another step in the disciplinary process between In School Suspension (ISS) and a 30 day suspension. "It's kind of a medium between ISS and a 30 day program. I think there is much need for it," explained DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett in the meeting.

"In my opinion, anytime you discipline a student, it should be more than just about punishment. It should be about behavior modification, modifying negative behavior towards a more positive behavior. They can go back and receive counseling, receive support they need, strategies, and things they can carry back, and improve from and benefit from," said Dr. Barnett.

Whitten explained that DeKalb County Youth Services has had a partnership with Juvenile Court since 2009. He also said that the company has been licensed with the Department of Youth Services since they've been open. Youth Services already runs an alternative school for Type III offenders for both The DeKalb County Board of Education and The City of Fort Payne, as well as Juvenile court.

According to Whitten, students in the program would be placed with them for up to 10 days, but this time frame could be shorter if a student exhibits good behavior. They would have strict dress codes and it will be highly structured.  DeKalb County Youth Services would  also provide counseling, and would have up to 10 students at one time in the program, with five slots for students whose offenses are more serious. It will also include a due-process hearing and parents will be responsible for transporting students to Youth Services.

"I think it will be highly effective," said Barnett after the presentation.

The board also reviewed a "Request for Qualifications" for potential energy consultants regarding saving energy at the DeKalb Board of Education's facilities.

"There is so many ways we can cut back on our energy consumption," said Barnett. The board also required the program to be budget neutral, or in other words, the board must save more money on it's energy bills than the service costs.

Barnett also notified the board that bids for the Bus Garage would be opened on Tuesday, October 3. He also discussed the ongoing technology upgrades at the county's schools, and that there had been few complaints of technology problems.

Education Support Personnel Organization (ESPO) representative Betty Jo Chandler reminded the board members that October 24 was the work session for the organization, and that through out the years, every November board members and people from the community do their jobs for a day. November is American Education month.


After approving the minutes of the last meeting, the monthly financial report, and bills the board heard a a report from Gwynn Griggs, Audit Manager, State of Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts on the system's audit for the previous year.

The state only found one instance of "non-compliance," with an employee at The DeKalb County Schools Coliseum failing to issue a 10-99 to an individual who provided services to the board, but not employed by the board, in the amount of $600 or more. The board discussed how to avoid the problem in the future.

After Mrs. Griggs concluded her briefing, the board handled a personnel issue. An incident had occurred on a Crossville school bus. After reviewing the report, the superintendent recommended bus driver Horace Silas be suspended for five days without pay. The recommendation was approved.

The school board then handled On-the-job-injuries, retirements/resignations, leaves of absences, transfers, placements, and volunteers/volunteer coaches (listed below).


  • Misty Smith - Elementary Teacher-Crossville High School
  • Amanda Ashley-Elementary Teacher-Ruhama Jr. High School


  • Amy Robertson - Girls Soccer Coach (Coaching Duties Only) - Collinsville High School - Resignation

Leave of Absence:

  • Cassidy Hood - General Science Teacher-Collinsville High School
  • Haley Bryant - Elementary Teacher - Ider High School
  • Matthew Henderson - General Science Teacher - Ider High School
  • Belinda Tillery - Secondary Math Teacher - Collinsville High School
  • Kimberly Crider - CNP Worker - Valley Head High School
  • Victoria L Williams - CNP Worker - Fyffe High School


  • Leslie Sisk from Software Technician at Annex to Secretary (10 month) at Annex
  • Rosa Alacorn from Pre-K Aide at Crossville to Itinerant Translator/Transliterator (9 month) for the System.


  • Certified 
    • James Tucker Davis - Math Teacher- Crossville High School (2017-107) Retroactive to 8-11-2017
  • Support
    • Marcella Brown - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional-Ider Special Services Center (2017-119)

Volunteer Coaches/Volunteers:

  • Collinsville High School 
    • Jeff Chandler - Baseball
    • James Coker - Softball
    • Teddy Helms - Football
    • Mike McElrath - Football
    • Jeff Patton - Softball
    • Perry Hughes - Baseball
  • Crossville High School 
    • Ashley May - Basketball
    • Ben Wooten - Football
    • Canon Pointer - Football/Basketball
  • Crossville Middle School 
    • Jason Sims - Baseball
  • Fyffe High School 
    • Rodney Coots - Football
    • Steve Coward - Softball
    • Jamie Hatch - Softball
    • Ethan Jones - Baseball
    • Erik Magnusson - Track & Field
    • Trey Gipson - Baseball
    • Buddy Goolesby - Basketball
    • Teddy Whitmire - Football
  • Geraldine High School 
    • Jody Harper - football/Basketball
    • Jack Patrick Morris - Volleyball
    • Brian Waldrop - Football
    • Cofield Williams - Baseball
    • Stephanie Graben - Volleyball
    • Josh Gilbert - Basketball
    • Whitney Brown - Softball
    • Andrew Christie - Football
    • Seth Phillips - Football
    • Zac Nelson - Basketball
  • Henagar Jr. High School 
    • Clay Shrader - CNP
    • Jonnie Frost - Art
  • Ider High School 
    • Robert Elliot - Softball
    • Landry Gaddis - Football
    • Eddie Hawkings - Softball/Football
    • Kent Weldon - Baseball
    • Shawn Traylor - Basketball
    • Jason Hood - Baseball
    • Roger Pruett - Basketball
    • Anthony Blevins - Baseball
    • Jay Massey - Football
    • Meliah Blevins - Cheerleading
    • Leah Smith - Cheerleading
    • Drew Rainer - Football
    • Sam Jenkins - Football
    • Johnny Parmer - Football/Softball
    • Sharon Fike - Band
    • Jonnie Frost - Art
  • Plainview High School 
    • Don Black - Baseball
    • Saul José - Football
    • Tommy Mayes - Girls Basketball
    • Jason Traylor - Basketball
    • Tia Trotter - Volleyball
    • Josh York - Football
    • Anthony Smith - Football
    • Phillip Jackson - Football
    • John Prose - Football
    • Slade Culpepper - Football
    • Monty Price - Softball
    • Amie Martin - Art
    • Jadie Fobbus - Softball
    • Paul Bell - Football
    • Destiny Lowden - Girls Basketball
  • Sylvania High School 
    • Eric Albright - Football
    • Ryan Clark - Football
    • Ryan Haney - Football
    • Jeffrey Monroe - Football
    • Zach Hart - Football/Basketball
    • Jon Currie - Basketball/Softball
    • Scott Smith - Baseball
    • Mike Dendy - Softball
    • Labron Hill - Golf
    • Nelson Gregory - Baseball
  • Valley Head High School 
    • Madison Bowen - Baseball
    • Charity Worthey - Basketball


  • Kim Keena - Homebound Services
  • Jennifer Ayers - Homebound Services
  • Lori Miller - Homebound Services
  • Doug Benefield - Homebound Services
  • Madge Gower - SLP Consultant
  • Milestones Behavior Group - Behavior Analytics Services
  • Tracy Lawrence - Educational Support
  • Jazmin Jimenez - ESL Instructional Support for Pre-K
  • Joanne Maze - ESL Tutor
  • Monica Corona - Migrant Recruiter
  • Jessica Taheri - Local LDC Trainer
  • Deborah Colvin - Chorus Instructor
  • Tim Janzen - Landscaping Central Office
  • Myra Saint - Bus Driver for Gifted Route
  • Terry Scott - Bus Driver for Gifted Route
  • Lucas Butts - Computer Tech
  • Matthew Hosch - Computer Tech
  • Harold Guilford III - Maintenance
  • Mike Nappier - Bus Driving and Safety Trainer
  • Margaret Brown - Clerical

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Board of Education will be held on October 26, 2017 at 5 pm, with the Work Session at 4 pm. 

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