A Moment with Megan: He Sits with Me
January 24, 2018
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A Moment with Megan: He Sits with Me

(Megan Blansit,  ST Faith Contributor)

By Megan Blansit, Southern Torch Faith Contributor 

Do you desire alone time, but your crazy schedule doesnt allow it? Recently, after a busy day, I took a trip to the coffee shop to hopefully clear my mind. Looking back at that day, my mind was a frazzled mess. I was trying to plan things for 2018, set goals, read, etc.

I need to set the scene for a second…. I walked into what seemed to be a busy hour for the coffee shop but within minutes it cleared out. I chose a comfy chair in front of the gas fireplace and began trying to figure out my life.Don’t get me wrong, my life is great, but I had a ton of questions that I was wanting to nail down an answer to. Now, remember at the beginning of this I said I wanted to have some alone time to clear my mind? Well, low and behold, after minutes of being at the coffee sop, a random man came and sat on the sofa next to my chair. We were literally three or four feet away from each other.

If I am honest, I was frustrated. Out of ALL the empty booths and other couches, this man chose the one beside me?!? I wanted to get up and move seats but decided I wouldnt be dramatic like that. May I add, I have never seen this man before, nor did we ever make eye contact or say hello, and he sat there a good 30 minutes. I tried to focus on the book I was reading but was distracted by this stranger and was honestly fighting anxiety about the situation.

I decided to put that book down and read another one that I brought. This was a Bible study book and the day I read talked about looking for lovely moments and referenced Psalm 34:8. It says, Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.I began to think of the lovely moments that I had missed due to not lookingor seeingas the verse says. I decided to grab my journal and get some thoughts out on paper.

As I grabbed my journal, I happened to glance up at the stranger. I immediately got chills. Call me crazy, but the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about this situation. He showed me the stranger represents God. He is always close, but wont intrude on me. He waits to be invited into conversationand ultimately my life.

I was sitting in my chair with so many questions that night. God showed me in a matter of seconds that it is pointless to be confused and stressed out. He has all the answers, but is waiting for me to ask him for help. I could hear God saying, Megan, Im here. Im always present with you. Ask ME these questions. Quit trying to figure everything out on your own.

Is anyone else guilty of this? Im not sure why I try to figure out all the answers when my Heavenly Father already has them. Then I began to ask myself, How many questions have been left unanswered because I failed to pray and seek Gods face?

After I soaked in this insight from the Holy Spirit and journaled about it, so that I wouldnt forget this powerful moment, the stranger literally walked out of the coffee shop. When I placed my pen down, the man got up. We never spoke or made eye contact. Did God lead him to sit beside me to show me this? It still blows my mind that out of all the empty chairs, the man chose to sit near me.

Likewise, it blows my mind that out of all my sin and short comings, the Lord still chooses to have a relationship and sit with me,daily.

Friend, God is near. Whatever you are going through, I pray you feel his presence today. He is waiting for you to speak to Him. Lastly, thank you, Father, for your divine appointments and always choosing to sit with me.

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