Man Arrested for Attempt to Murder
March 13, 2018
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Man Arrested for Attempt to Murder

PHOTO: Mark Shane Tucker was extradited back to DeKalb County after being arrested for unknown charges in Louisiana.

By Staff Reports

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — According to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office: The Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a shooting that happened back in December of 2017 at a residence on Short Cut Drive in Henagar. The investigation led investigators to Mark Shane Tucker, 41, of Flat Rock. Investigators obtained an attempt of murder warrant for his arrest shortly after the shooting in December in 2017.

This has been an ongoing investigation; however, last month, the DeKalb County Investigators got a break in the case. Mark Shane Tucker had been arrested in Louisiana for unknown charge. Tucker has been extradited back to the DeKalb County Detention Center on the warrant of attempt of murder and is awaiting trial.

Sheriff Harris says, “The Investigators have put in long hours on this case, and have done a great job on the investigation. We are also glad that have Tucker in custody.”

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  1. Charley Michael Smith
    Charley Michael Smith March 22, 11:04
    All of the news articles are not reporting the facts correctly in this case. Mark Shane Tucker was arrested and incarcerated for an attempted murder charge back in December of 2016 and was then released on a $50,000 bond. Last month one day between the 2nd and the 5th of February he was arrested in Louisiana by the Louisiana State Police and charged with operating an unsafe vehicle on a suspended license, no Insurance and resisting the arresting officer. He was then incarcerated in Opelousas, Louisiana at the Saint Landry Parish Sheriff's Office and according to the Dekalb County Sheriff's Department, they had a warrant for his arrest. They have reported that he was extradited back to the Fort Payne, Alabama Dekalb County Sheriff's Office and incarcerated on March 11th. I have a hard time believing that they had a warrant for his arrest and extradited him back to Fort Payne, because I believe that Tucker and my neighbor Jo Anne Reading, burglarized my rv’s on the night of February 8th. I went to my mobile home that night and it had been broken into and about 13 boxes of vhs videos in a bedroom were thrown all over the room out of the boxes. I picked up all of the videos and put them back in the boxes and then I called the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office. The officer that came out and took a report told me to move them over to my rv on my other property about a mile away. So I took them over to my other property and unloaded them onto my rv. I got through doing that at about 10:30 pm. I talked to my neighbors and they both told me that they saw people with flashlights on and around my rv’s at about 11:00 pm that night. I think Reading and Tucker followed me at a distance to my rv’s. I came back over to my mobile home on the night of February 12th and I saw two women drive up in a truck and park in Reading’s driveway. The woman that was driving got out of the truck, walked up to Reading’s trailer and knocked on her door. Reading opened the door and they were talking. Another truck driven by Mark Shane Tucker drove up and parked on the road, partially blocking the road and partially blocking Reading’s driveway. When I left to go over to my other property I saw Tucker still sitting in his truck parked on the road near Reading's driveway. I called the Sheriff's Office and reported that my rv's had been broken into and burglarized. When an officer arrived I told him that their was suspicious activity going on at Reading’s trailer. The Sheriff’s Office called and told me to come back over to my mobile home.The officer told me that the women in the truck were asking Reading for directions to Lick Skillet which he didn’t believe. He said that the truck parked on the road near Reading’s driveway belonged to Mark Shane Tucker. He saw Tucker sitting in his truck as he drove by Reading's trailer and said that Tucker must've entered Reading’s trailer because he wasn’t in his truck when he drove back by her trailer. Another backup officer came and Reading wouldn’t let the officers search her trailer. I asked the 1st officer their on the scene if he could get a search warrant and he told me no. Evidently their were no warrants for his arrest or the officers would've been able to search her trailer and place him under arrest. The officers told me that Tucker's truck had a switched tag and was partially blocking the road and so for those reasons they were having his truck towed. Tucker was arrested on March 11th by the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office and is now incarcerated in their jail awaiting trial on a $30,000 bond for the December 2016 attempted murder charge. All of the online news reports including the Dekalb County Sheriff's press release for a week now have been reporting that the attempted murder incident happened in December of 2017 which is incorrect. The attempted murder incident happened in December of 2016. So where has Tucker been since then after bonding out of jail on a $50,000 bond in December of 2016? If their was a warrant for his arrest since his release in December of 2016, then why didn't the officers search Reading's trailer on the night of February 12th 2018. What was Tucker doing at Reading's trailer on the night of February 12th and where has he been since that night. Where was Tucker when he was arrested on March 11th 2018? These are questions that I'd like to have answered? Hopefully justice will prevail at his trial and he'll be locked up for many years to come, where he can no longer burglarize cars or houses, beat up on innocent women and cut them with knives or nearly kill innocent people with guns while naked. Please read and share. Thanks, Charley.

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