Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor • marla@southerntorch.com

PHOTO: Municipal elections will be held on Tuesday, August 25. (Anna Miller | Tufts University)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — Qualifying for the 2020 municipal elections ended on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. 

The following candidates qualified to run for office in their respective municipalities:

Collinsville (all incumbents unopposed)

  • Mayor: Johnny Trafenstedt (incumbent)
  • Council: Kathy Jelks (district 1), Donna Jones (district 2), David Bowen (district 3), Janet Osborn (district 4), Jeff Chandler (district 5)


  • Mayor: Tera Fortenberry (incumbent), Roger “Dino” Richards
  • Council: Jinnette Bixby (place 1), Nelson Ferrell (incumbent, place 1), Brad Hood (incumbent, place 2), Misty Spence (place 2), Larry Colvin (place 3), Faye Kilgo (incumbent, place 3), Lisa D. Collins (place 4), Tommy Griffin (place 4), Bryan Ray (incumbent, place 4), Jimmy F. Barnhill (place 5), Connie Brothers (incumbent, place 5), Steven Smith

Fort Payne

  • Mayor: Brian Baine
  • Council: Jimmy Ballinger, Lynn Locklear Brewer (incumbent), Johnny Eberhart (incumbent), Randall Ham, Wade Hill (incumbent), Roger E. Ingle, Kerry R. Jones, Jeff “Cookie” Koch, Charlene Magbie, Ken Mayo, Celeste Holbrook Ragan, Diego Reynoso, Angie Shugart, John M. Smith, Phillip Smith, Leslie L. Vaughn, Walter B. Watson, Neal Wooten


  • Mayor: Paul Cagle (incumbent), Jonathan Bartlet
  • Council: James Spears (incumbent, place 1), Katy Woodall (incumbent, place 2), Gerald Green (incumbent, place 3), Don Phillips (place 4), Chris Graben (place 4), Dale Wooten (incumbent, place 5)


  • Mayor: Chuck Ables (incumbent)
  • Council: Angelia Camp, Tim Gilbert, Sherrie Hiett, Larry “Punch” Lingerfelt, Shon Rogers, Stanley Rooks, Joseph “Joey” Satterfield, Scott Tarrant, Tony Taylor

Hammondville (all candidates unopposed)

  • Mayor: John Moore (Place 4 councilman)
  • Council: Trey Moore (place 1), Jennifer Barker (place 2), Johnny Ferguson Jr. (place 3), Felicia Harrison (place 4), Tammy Brown (place 5)


  • Mayor: Lee Davis (incumbent)
  • Council: Winston Busby (incumbent, Place 1), Joy Dixson (incumbent, place 2), Toby C. Laney (place 2), Dale Callaham (incumbent, place 3), Tara Kirby (place 3), Robert Trotman (incumbent, place 4), Angie Davis (place 4), Jeff McCurdy (incumbent, place 5)


*at the time of press, we have not received an official list of qualified candidates from the Town of Ider*

  • Mayor: Wendy Lassater (incumbent)
  • Council: Melissa George (incumbent, place 1), Michael Wooten (incumbent, place 2), Dewayne Chapman (incumbent, place 3), Sharlyn Uber (incumbent, place 4), Roger Wooten (place 5)


  • Mayor: Rob Hammond (incumbent)
  • Council: John Verdon (incumbent, place 1), David Allgood (place 2), J.D. Trammell (place 2), Hobson Kirby (incumbent, place 3), Ray Padgett (incumbent, place 4), Gerald Bailey (incumbent, place 5)


  • Mayor: Rodger Lingerfelt
  • Council: Steven Fleming (place 1), Arlan Blevins (place 1), Bejan Taheri (incumbent, place 2), Scotty Combs (place 2), Ricky Byrum (incumbent, place 3), Marshall Stiefel (place 3), Brandon Freeman (incumbent, place 4), Derek Rosson (incumbent, place 5), Mark Huber (place 5)

Shiloh (all candidates unopposed)

  • Mayor: Rodney Phillips
  • Council: Nathan Neil, Jim Tumlin, Brad Graben, Tracey Monroe, Mike Light


  • Mayor: Terry McClendon, Thomas Miller
  • Council: Matthew Gant (place 1), Claude Callaham (incumbent, place 2), Edward Wilbanks (place 2), Denny Smith (incumbent, place 3), Gary Ferguson (incumbent, place 4), Larry Bailey (incumbent, place 5)

Valley Head

  • Mayor: Michael Key, Jacob Brown
  • Council: Karen Vest (place 1), Russell Head (place 1), Adele Phillips (incumbent, place 2), Jack Martin (incumbent, place 3), Marie Behling (place 4), Dean Freeman (place 4), Chris Busby (place 5), Anna Mae Horn (place 5) 

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