Investigation Begins after Online Post

Investigation Begins after Online Post

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

GERALDINE, Ala. — After the recent State of the Union, emotions were high. Whether in support or against President Donald Trump, people took to social media to express their thoughts.

Geraldine Assistant Chief of Police, Jeff Buckles expressed his dismay of actions he felt were wrong on Facebook.  This post has caused much debate.

In his post, Buckles stated, “Pelosi just ripped up his speech. Road Side bomb on her way home and any other Dumbocrats."  Buckles later deleted the post apologizing on Facebook saying, “I want to apologize for venting on FB.  I have definitely offended some people with my remarks. It just rips my heart out that our great country is so divided.”

The Town of Geraldine responded to the incident with the following statement by Chief of Police, Heath Albright, “The Geraldine Police Department has been made aware of a Facebook post made by one of our officers. The post has since been deleted.  The incident is being investigated. Due to the current investigation, no further comment can be made. We will make further statements at the conclusion of the investigation.”

Southern Torch will update as more information begins available

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