Inside The Huddle with the Fyffe Red Devils

Inside The Huddle with the Fyffe Red Devils

By Marla Jones, Sports Editor •

FYFFE, Ala. — On my first stop of this season’s Inside the Huddle, I visited with the Class 2A State Champions, Fyffe Red Devils! 

When you mention football in DeKalb County, you naturally think of Fyffe. The Red Devils are a powerhouse in football. They have made back-to-back appearances in the State Championship games and have multiple State Championship rings on their fingers to prove it.   

While at Fyffe, I always have the opportunity to be the “Coach of the Day”.  Growing up, I really didn’t excel in sports.  I played with Barbies, when I mean playing with Barbies, I actually mean, cutting all their hair off to make my big sister cry. I never thought that one day I would get to be a “coach.”   I guess this is where all the people in elementary school, that picked me last for the dodgeball team are kicking themselves.  The coaches always welcome me with open arms and I don’t mean to brag but I do have an official Fyffe Red Devil hat worn personally by legendary Coach Paul Benefield.  Who am I kidding? I am bragging. 

Due to reclassification, Fyffe will move up to Class 3A this season. 

 The Fyffe Football team finished the 2019 season with a perfect record and another blue trophy for their win at the State Championship. 

The Red Devils have started their summer workouts later this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions enforced by Governor Kay Ivey. They will have a strict practice schedule throughout the summer because champions aren’t made overnight or in a couple of practices. “Stinkin’, rotten, lazy players” don’t win championships. That’s according to Coach Benefield. I’m not sure if that comment was meant for the press, but maybe he won’t make me run hills.  

The Red Devils boast twelve returning seniors this season. The team has nine returning offensive starters and ten returning on defense. 

Everyone always asks me after I visit Fyffe, “how does the team look?” I’m not much of a betting woman, but I can tell you one thing: I will never bet against the Fyffe Red Devils. My prediction for the Red Devils this season will be that they will be playing in the State Championship once again. They have the motivation and determination to bring home another blue trophy. Go Big Red!


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