"Go Native" Partners with Fort Payne Chamber

"Go Native" Partners with Fort Payne Chamber

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — If you're a member of the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce you now have the exclusive rights to sign up for Go Native and be able to offer thousands of northeast Alabama users your goods and services delivered directly to their doorstep. While we will continue to offer the same great services and events to our members, we will now be offering cutting edge software, customer service, and a fleet of delivery drivers. 

The reality of business in 2019 is that local retailers and restaurants are finding they don’t have access to the technology to compete with the modern conveniences that their online competitors provide. With 13,000 users in our area already having lunch and dinner delivered to them at home or work, our Members can now plug into the Go Native app and begin making sales on Day 1. Real results on your bottom line for a price that every business can comfortably afford. 

“We are excited to now offer our community and Chamber Members this benefit,” said Jennifer McCurdy, Executive Director, Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. “Not only can you have food delivered, you can also have gifts delivered and even household items. So, encourage your favorite business to get on board and take advantage of this Chamber benefit. You will now be able to shop locally from the convenience of your home,” said McCurdy. 

Go Native is a local software company founded in 2015 in northeast Alabama that has spent the last four years working with local businesses to determine how local can compete with global. And after a number of different initiatives Go Native determined that the two main factors that provided the most value to consumers were time and convenience. By having all of the local businesses on the same app rather than each business having to manage and advertise their own website or Facebook page, Go Native allows each business to plug in to a network of over 13,000 local users that are already using the app. 

"When you look at the customer base of restaurants like Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Santa Fe, and Zaxby's along with Mi Casita, Roadside ‘Que and 20 other local favorites, you start to realize the immediate benefit of the app to local retailers and professional services," said Go Native CEO Jordan Doufexis. "The partnership between Go Native and the Chamber of Commerce means that this is now the engine of the local economy and provides one place to purchase anything offered in your area and have it delivered to you the very Same Day." 

While Go Native will dramatically benefit our Members, the customer is the biggest winner. From people that can't leave their office or workplace to busy parents and the homebound, Go Native now brings time and convenience to Fort Payne. 

Shopping local means supporting our own. It means tax revenue for our community to improve public safety, roads, parks, and schools. It means a better quality of life for our families and friends. Fort Payne has a number of great things to offer, and we just added to that list. Want to learn more? Visit www.fortpaynechamber.com and find out more.