DeKalb Superintendent candidate Dr. Jason Barnett to host campaign rally Tuesday

DeKalb Superintendent candidate Dr. Jason Barnett to host campaign rally Tuesday
By: Joseph M. Morgan, Editor and Publisher

RAINSVILLE, Ala.—Dr. Jason Barnett, Republican candidate for DeKalb County Schools Superintendent, announced that he will be hosting a fall campaign kick-off rally on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016, at 6 p.m. at the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center in Rainsville.

“It’s exciting to be just days away from our fall kick-off rally,” Barnett said. “We’re expecting a good crowd and I want to invite anyone who is interested to come out next Tuesday and join us for the rally.”

Barnett said the purpose of the event is to officially kick off his fall campaign and bring together supporters, volunteers and any others interested in learning more about the campaign or his vision for improving DeKalb County Schools.

“We were blessed with an incredibly loyal, hard-working group of volunteers during the primary and they are ready to redeploy and hit the ground running,” Barnett said. “This is an exciting time as we prepare for the general election.”

Barnett said a number of new volunteers have signed on to help out with the campaign and he hopes even more will show up at the fall campaign kick-off rally next week.

“The kick-off is a way to reunite with and show our appreciation for the many volunteers and supporters who have been there since day one,” Barnett said. “It will also be a great opportunity to meet new people. I encourage anyone who has an interest in DeKalb County Schools or has questions for me or would like to hear more about where I stand on the issues to come out and join us.”

Barnett said the event is not only about kicking off the fall campaign, but about bringing a group of people with a common vision together and enjoying an evening of fellowship for the entire family.

“We will have fun for the kids, food, fellowship, and some local entertainment; and I will share my vision for DeKalb County Schools,” Barnett said. “We ask for your support in the general election on November 8th, and we look forward to your presence at this event. We would love for you to invite a friend to join you as well.”