Life in the Dominican Republic
July 7, 2016
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Life in the Dominican Republic

Lucas Pruett

Lucas Pruett

By Lucas Pruett

This week as I write, I am currently sitting in a missionary house called Haciendo Esperanza (The House of Hope) in the Dominican Republic. I have the privelege of being one of the coaches for baseball team that has come to the DR to play some games and do clinics but more importantly share the love of Christ with the beautiful Dominican people. The Dominicans love the game of baseball. The kids would play every second of the day if possible. In their minds, it is is almost every young boy’s ticket off the island. I love the passion I see for the game, but it breaks my heart to see the dependance. Every time they step on the field, it is life or death. They must perform and improve or they will never get to the states and get off the island. Baseball is their savior. After our games and clinics, we have had the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus. Our message has been clear. Baseball is an amazing game, but it is not your savior. Only Jesus can save you and give you the fulfillment that your soul desires. This is the truth that pro baseball scouts and their academy coaches aren’t telling them. It is an honor to have the chance to come here and share real truth with them. It is also an immense honor to share real truth with you. Christ is not just a means to an end for you either. He is your savior. He is the only person that can fulfill the longings deep inside of you. He reconciles us to our Father and leads us into not being orphans anymore. It is really obvious what the Dominicans use as their false savior. That can be seen through the baseball field that is on every street corner or the fact that their is 100 baseball academies just in the city I am in alone (Santiago). In America, our attempted saviors are not as obvious. What is something in your life that you have been going to in order to recieve satisfaction, hope, or life? Is it a job? Or maybe your friendships? Or an addiction? Dig deep on that this week. Jesus is your savior. In Christ alone, you are saved, sustained, sanctified, and satisfied.

Back to missions, Christ said in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples”. Mission work is crucial to our faith. It is more multi-layered than you would believe. We are missionaries for Christ each and every day as followers of Him. We are missionaries everywhere our feet land. So please never take your work in your current context and the surrounding areas lightly. However, world missions are essential. Christ has called us to take His Good News to all four corners of the globe. For some of you, going may really be difficult; however, I just want to give you a couple of things to think about. You are called to make disciples throughout the world. You can make a difference.

1.) Pray for all people groups. We can always pray. Prayer works. We can make a real impact on the lives of others in other places through our prayers. Operation World is an amazing resource to help you pray for those around the world. Check it out online.

2.) Support a missionary or organization. Many of you have the finances to possibly help fund someone who is going to places or an organization that is serving areas. You only have to give what you can. God will multiple your humble offerings. This is another way that you can always help your brothers and sisters around the world.

3.) Put out a feeler. Some of you may have the yearning to go on a trip but have been paralyzed by the process of even getting started. Ask your pastor if he knows any mission groups. Get online and search mission groups. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to doing the will of God. Satan is good about telling you “maybe one day”. The day to serve is now!

These are just a couple of simple thoughts for you. If you have any thoughts for me then you can reach me at Enjoy your week and live missionaly always!

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