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Dear Editor,

On Tuesday we vote.

I have delayed writing this last letter about the situation with Coach Neal Thrash as long as possible. Every judge, authority and agency who has a say on what Hugh Taylor has done to Coach Thrash, has ruled emphatically that Thrash must be given a day in court, to hear the charges against him and to defend himself.

To this day, he still does not know why he was relieved of his coaching duties at Fyffe. To this day there has been no hearing.

Enough time has passed for this hearing to have taken place. Months are now becoming years.  In truth, far more time has passed than decent, honorable men should allow for this to go on.

My sense of things, based upon more than forty years of being in this school system, is that we are seeing DeKalb County School politics at its worst. What is taking place here is an election first before all else. Let nothing – no matter how much it hurts the Thrash family – interfere with getting re-elected.

I do not know either Hugh Taylor or Jason Barnett. It may be that, at the end of my career, and the beginning of theirs, we passed and repassed, but if we did I do not recall the occasion. I can only evaluate each candidate with what I have before me.

Several days ago, I had opportunity to hear Jason Barnett. I was impressed with his sense of right from wrong, his interest in hearing what those he would serve have to say, and quite frankly what struck me as a good mind.

For the first time in my life I will be voting both FOR a candidate and AGAINST a candidate.

My vote will be for Jason Barnett, and against Hugh Taylor for the dishonorable way Taylor has handled this situation with Coach Neal Thrash.

Conner Runyan

Fyffe, Alabama


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