LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “I wish you would not come”
November 28, 2016
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “I wish you would not come”

Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted to the Southern Torch by Rainsville citizen Regina Randolph on November 22, 2016, and does not necessarily express the opinions of the Southern Torch. If you have thoughts you would like to be considered for print or posted to our website, send them to tyler@southerntorch.com.

Dear Editor,

As humans we sometimes encounter situations that disappoint us. We encounter people who disappoint us…..

Last night I was disappointed, hurt, and insulted by someone I have not always agreed with, but I did look up to this person and I respected him.

After the Rainsville City Council meeting was adjourned last night I walked up to the mayor and was  trying to get clarification on something that was brought up during the workshop. I took the opportunity, once again, to talk to him about the matter of the promises that had been made in the past about the paving of Maple Avenue. One of the newly elected city council members was standing nearby and was listening to our conversation.

I pointed out to the mayor, as I motioned my hand towards the councilman, that the councilman himself had, in fact, promised to get our road paved 4 years ago when he was running for mayor. So help me, this councilman stood right in front of  me, on the other side of the bench, so angry that he sneered and said that he, “told me that to get me to vote for him!”

For a moment I could not speak because I was so shocked by what he had said. He admitted he lied! This person I had always looked up to and respected.

Then he spat these words out of his mouth, red faced and angry: “I wish you would not come!” I quickly told him I had every right to attend the city council meetings and I abruptly left the building!

The council had voted 5 to 1 to change the  workshop and meeting from 5PM to 4:15PM. That makes it a lot harder for people to attend the meetings. Most people don’t get off work in time. But that was their purpose in changing the time in the first place. They don’t want the citizens to know what goes on….They don’t want us there to see how they are spending the money.

They also voted, 5 to 1 to only advertise with The Mountain Valley News and WVSM Radio. This is so obviously biased towards the Times Journal and The Southern Torch.

This is about politicians working behind the scenes to get their agendas pushed forward. And revenge.

Citizens of Rainsville…please try and attend our city council meetings the first and third Monday at the annex building, next to city hall 4:15 pm.

And Bejan Taheri…. you are going to get awfully tired of looking at my face.

Regina Randolph, 

Rainsville, AL

Southern Torch

Southern Torch


  1. Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller November 28, 10:25
    The times journal does have a good crossword puzzle. Not much on news though
  2. John Lowden
    John Lowden November 28, 23:48
    Sounds like trinkle down politics. Sad though that the bad leadership in Washington DC has trinkled all the way to the small town of Rainsville, Alabama.

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