The Last Locker Room
March 11, 2016
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The Last Locker Room

Dr. John E. Morgan photoBy Dr. John E. Morgan

Pastor–Collinsville Baptist Church

It happened again two weeks ago.  The last locker room.

Every year almost every team in Alabama ends its football and basketball seasons in the same way.  They lose.  About 64 teams in each classification.  63 of them  end their season with a loss.

I have kept books for the Collinsville basketball teams for a long time.  My job is to write down most everything that happens – points, score, fouls, time outs, etc.  And keep the coach up to date during the game.  When the game is over I total everything up.  The last thing I do is carry the book into the locker room and hand it to the coach.

That means I always walk into the last locker room every year.  They are all pretty much the same.  Kids with their heads down. Smell of sweat soaked clothes.   By the time I get there, most of them have already taken off their uniforms and thrown them into a pile.  Depressed kids who just lost their last game.  Coach trying to pat them on the back and encourage them.

And then there are the seniors.  No more “next years” for them.  They are done.  Most of them will never again wear a school uniform.  So they often wait longer to take them off.  Tears rolling down their cheeks no matter how much they try to hold them back.

When I walk out of that last locker room, standing outside waiting are usually the mommas and daddies.  And the cheerleaders who know they are wearing their uniforms for the last time, too.  They have the same tears on their cheeks.

I know and you know that life will go on.  They won’t wear the school uniform again, but they will have lots of memories.  They will sit in the bleachers and talk about the good ol’ days.  Some will watch their own children put on those uniforms.  Maybe even wear the same number.  There will be lots of smiles as they remember.  And they will forever be remembered by who they played ball with — their teammates and their coach.

I know they will all be okay.  But I hurt because they hurt.  What I really want one time is for our kids to have a last locker team where they are rejoicing at winning it all.  Passing around that State Champions trophy.  Keeping their uniforms on because they are taking so many pictures.  I want that for our kids.  And their parents.  And our community.  63 of 64 lose.  I want one time for us to be that 64th team that wins.  I want that to be the memory of their last locker room.  Going out winners.  Not holding back the pain and tears.  Big smiles.  Big trophy.  Winners.

One of the biggest winners of all time was Satan.  He didn’t win 63 of 64.  He won them all.  Starting with Adam and Eve – here eat this fruit.  Over and over for thousands of years, people listened to Satan.  And still do.  As long as we sin, he wins.  We lose.  The last locker room is really bad with him.  But he did not defeat Jesus – no sin with Jesus.

A couple of weeks ago I sat at a kitchen table with a new widow.  She held back tears.  She missed her husband so much.  But she is a strong Christian lady.  And she knew her husband left that hospital room and went to heaven.  He was a winner because he trusted in Jesus.  And she knows someday she will go through the door as a victor in Jesus Christ. Old body left behind like a discarded dirty uniform.  No tears ever again needed.  Lots of reunions.  Rejoicing forever in a final victory.

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