Why I’m Fighting This Witch Hunt
October 26, 2014
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Why I’m Fighting This Witch Hunt

By now, you may have heard about the accusations that have been made against me. I will vigorously fight these false charges through the justice system and am confident that I will prevail. It is important for you to know that I have never misused my office or abused your trust. I consider it a privilege and sacred duty to represent you in the Legislature and to rise through the ranks of leadership where I am able to make significant changes – not for my benefit – but for the benefit of our community and state has been an honor.

Following decades of failed attempts to strengthen the state’s ethics laws, strong ethics legislation passed almost immediately after my colleagues selected me as their Speaker. This legislation has dramatically changed the way business is done in the state’s capital, but at the same time angered many powerful, entrenched interests.

Quite simply, I have been the target of a political witch hunt. I have suspected this from the beginning and the timing of these charges – coming a mere two weeks before the election – leaves no doubt. A rogue prosecutor has led this attack and repeatedly abused his power. In fact, his own colleagues in the attorney general’s office have reported that he boasted to his colleagues a year ago that he would destroy me politically.

Sadly, this is not new territory for this prosecutor. He also conducted a lengthy investigation of former Attorney General Troy King which generated no shortage of leaks and rumors that ultimately led to his political defeat. After King’s defeat, the investigation inexplicably went away.

The politically-motivated investigation and hurtful rumors haven’t been enough to destroy your trust in me, so this prosecutor has gone a step further by bringing charges against me. While it has been painful for my family, there is a silver lining. I could not defend myself against innuendo and leaks but now, I can…and I will.

The basis for these false accusations is the business I built before ever seeking or holding an elected office. Auburn Network, Inc. is an established business that employs people and contributes to our local community. I have worked hard to grow my business, and there is nothing wrong or unusual about that hard work. Our state doesn’t want or need legislators to depend on taxpayers for their livelihoods. In fact, most of us need other jobs to support our families. Our citizen-legislators are no different.

From the very beginning, I took great pains to separate my personal business from my public service. I have routinely consulted with the Alabama Ethics Commission staff to make certain that I adhered to all ethics laws, and I have followed their advice.  I have consistently gone above and beyond what was legally necessary, which has been well documented. I have never violated the public’s trust – your trust – and I never will. I wish I could say the same thing about the rogue prosecutor leading this assault on me.

I will fight these charges with everything I have, because I believe there is much more at stake than my political future.

As I fight this abuse of power, I ask that you not allow outside forces to determine who represents you and our community in Montgomery. Your vote on November 4 will send a clear message. In addition to your vote, I ask for your prayers for my family and me.  Thank you for standing with us, and for your support.



Mike Hubbard

Speaker of the House

Southern Torch

Southern Torch