A heartwarming homecoming at Crossville this year
October 7, 2016
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A heartwarming homecoming at Crossville this year


PHOTO: 2016 Crossville Homecoming Queen Katie Underwood. 

By Kalie Davis, Staff Writer


CROSSVILLE, Ala. — Crossville High School celebrated a very heartfelt homecoming this year. It wasn’t a celebration shown by the scoreboard, but a celebration that made one young girl’s dream come true.

Katie Underwood, a special education student at Crossville, was crowned the 2016 Crossville High School Homecoming Queen. Crossville often battles slashing remarks about the diversity found on their campus. Many view it as a weakness. But what many consider a weakness, is one of Crossville High School’s greatest strengths.

“Diversity has made our student body awesome! Our students do not see color…at least they they don’t allow that to define their peers! Our students do not see differences and disabilities…they see opportunities to learn from and appreciate their classmates.” states Crossville High School Special Ed teacher, Michelle Norwood.

Katie is an extremely special girl who has never let her disability bring her down. She is a member of the Crossville Beta Club and Chorus. Katie also helps in the snack store and is an honorary Crossville Varsity Cheerleader. The student body at Crossville High School notice Katie’s determination and wanted to help make one of her dreams come true.

“Realistically, Katie’s possibilities are limited, but she still has hopes and dreams. After finding out she was nominated to the homecoming court, I would find Katie sitting on her bed with yearbooks stacked up in front of her. She spent hours looking at homecoming queens from the past, allowing herself to dream,” says Katie’s mother, Rosie Underwood.

On September 23, Katie witnessed her dream become a reality right before her eyes. The crowd stood still, and the moment truly belonged to Katie. She was a winner.

Crossville High School students have observed the true beauty of a humble, kind, and determined spirit- the perfect qualities of a homecoming queen. Katie is indeed an inspiration to her school and community.

“I like to think as much as these students helped Katie, she also helped them. She has helped teach them different is not necessarily a bad thing. Different is just different, and if Katie’s classmates can accept her for who she is, I believe they have taken a very large step that they can carry into adulthood,” added Rosie Underwood.  

Katie now has an unforgettable moment that she can carry with her through the rest of her life. She is now that homecoming queen covering the page in a yearbook that so many girls will look at and dream about.
Although her future dreams may be limited, Katie has the courage to accomplish anything she could ever wish for. Congratulations, Katie!

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