Alabama Health Officials Urge Caution During Holiday Season

Alabama Health Officials Urge Caution During Holiday Season

By Zach Hester, Reporter •

ALABAMA — The heads of several statewide health and hospital associations are pleading with the public to follow health protocols and stay safe during the upcoming holiday season.

In a letter submitted to media outlets across the state, the officials pleaded “with the public to stay home and stay safe during the holidays to avoid an even worse COVID-19 catastrophe.”

The officials cited as the authors of the letter include Dr. Don Williamson, President of the Alabama Hospital Association, Brandon Farmer, President and CEO of the Alabama Nursing Home Association, John C. Ziegler, executive director of the Alabama State Nurses Association, and Mark Jackson, executive director of the state’s Medical Association. 

“With only a limited number of healthcare workers vaccinated, we simply cannot have the gatherings of friends and family that typically occur during the holiday season,” the letter stated. “While those are important and treasured times, the true spirit of the season is not dependent on those gatherings, but what we celebrate in our hearts: protecting those we love so we can all be together again next year is the most precious gift we can give right now.”

The letter sought to remind Alabamians of the “three essential rules” when leaving your home amidst the growing pandemic: mask-wearing, staying six feet apart, and hand sanitizing.

“We are all tired of this pandemic and of the precautions we have been asked to take,” the letter stated. “Nevertheless, it would be much better to reduce this year’s holiday gatherings than to celebrate the holidays next year with an empty chair at the table.” 

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