Hammonds lands Grammy nomination
March 4, 2016
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Hammonds lands Grammy nomination

Hammonds lands Grammy nomination

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By Karah Wilson


FORT PAYNE, Ala.— David Hammonds is a sound engineer in Fort Payne. Hammonds was nominated for a Grammy this past week in California for his engineering on his project with Norman Blake, “Wood, Wire, & Words.” “The project was nominated for Folk Album Of The Year,” Hammonds said. “Let me be clear. It was Norman’s nomination. However, since I engineered 100 percent of it, I would also receive a Grammy statue. I recorded it, mixed it, and mastered it all at Cook Sound Studios and Songbird Studios. James Barnes assisted in the mastering but was not eligible for the nomination because it’s based on percentage of work.”

“I was at Norman and Nancy Blake’s home having coffee and discussing a future project. Just as I was about to leave Norman said, ‘Oh, by the way we made the long list at the Grammy’s,’” Hammonds said. “He said it like it was nothing. I asked him what that meant and he said ‘not much’ and I laughed. Norman then explained, ‘It really matters though to make the short list’ which means the top five. Norman told me ‘that’s a win.’”

“When I got to California, I felt blessed! Extremely blessed! For those who know me know of the personal tragedies I have endured to get here,” Hammonds said. “I will not go into my private life but will tell you God has been so very real to me in the last year and a half. I never ever want to be out from under the shadow of His wing.” Unfortunately while in California, Hammonds did not win the award. The award went to Belá Fleck and Abigail Washburn. “To echo Norman, ‘it’s a win to be on the short list,’” Hammonds said. “Norman said let some else win, ‘They’re young. It will help their career.’ He now has nine nominations and one Grammy for ‘O’brother Where Art Thou?’”

“Honestly, I am self motivated. I go at this craft with a positive, go for it attitude, and a plan to succeed. My life motto is from Sir Winston Churchill, ‘Never give up!’ Hammonds said. “It’s the people I work with. The talent, the respect, the love of great music, my family, and my church family that keeps me going. For me this was a pat on the back from a loving God telling me to run the race and fight the fight. People will try to discourage you sometimes but you have to realize the call on your life and who is in control. I was told last year that my mistress was my love of music, the studio, and I had placed this above God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God placed this gift in me that I might glorify Him. I hope people can see that. My name is David for a reason!”

“I’m still the same guy. I think it did more good for people to see me dressed in a tux on Facebook than anything. I’m a blue jeans boy but I can clean up,” Hammonds laughed. “I want this event in my life to be an encouragement in the lives of others to keep dreaming and to plan to succeed. It’s a lifelong journey. I began playing guitar at six years old so I’ve been at this for a while. I could name many people more deserving than myself for this recognition many have been at it longer. I was at the right place at the right time.”

“I leave your readers with this: Write down your goals and make a plan. Pray without ceasing. Then work the plan. If you miss a goal it’s not failure. It’s a bump in the road. Never take your eye off the prize. When life throws you a curveball wait for it, then hit it out of the park,” Hammonds said. “Keep a good attitude as much as possible. When you’re down, talk to someone who will lift you up. Surround yourself with positive, honest people who will challenge your point of view, not ‘yes’ people! God doesn’t dwell on the negative because He sees us all through the blood of Jesus. I know it’s tough sometimes but you’ve proved yourself a survivor. You can and will achieve your goals. Never give up!”

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