YRNEA welcomes new leadership

YRNEA welcomes new leadership

Contributed by The Young Republicans of Northeast Alabama

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — The Young Republicans of Northeast Alabama are excited to announce the seating of new leadership on their Executive Board. Dylan Smith and Lewis Pitchford will serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the organization, respectively. Smith and Pitchford bring impressive political resumes to YRNEA.

Smith serves as Vice Chairman of the Jackson County GOP and chairs its Victory Committee. He also holds a seat on the Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee. Most recently, he was Campaign Manager for the successful re-election bid of Rep. Tommy Hanes (R-Scottsboro).

Pitchford has served as Field Worker for the Alabama Republican Party. His campaign experience includes Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate as a Political Intern, and Field Representative for Will Ainsworth's campaign for Lt. Governor. Pitchford also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Rep. Tommy Hanes.

Under their leadership, YRNEA is rolling out their 'Bold. Strong. Conservative.' Agenda.

"I'm thrilled to implement our amibitious conservative agenda," said Smith. "It is incumbent upon our generation to fight for the values that make our families and communities strong. We will continue to strive for honest and principled leadership so our region can continue to grow and prosper. I look forward to working with the tremendous leadership we have in Northeast Alabama to accomplish that."

Smith continues, "The Republican Party is the party of working class America. The Democrats have moved further and further to the left and are now advocating for a radical socialist agenda. Our generation has a responsibility to educate and empower millennials on the ideals of God-given liberty and constitutionally limited government."

Pitchford reiterates, "A new era has begun in Northeast Alabama. Jobs, industry and economic confidence are booming more than ever before. We live in exciting times. Because of this growth, it is imperative that we retain our conservative values, support causes for liberty and believe in the power of the free market."

Pitchford continues, "We, as young Republicans are dedicated to protecting our cause and are entirely devoted to bold leadership, strong families and conservative principles that make our communities great. I'm very excited to work with our party and expand the message of liberty to all those we reach."

Northeast Alabama currently lays claim to three prominent leadership positions within state goverment: Mac McCutcheon (R-Huntsville) as Speaker of the House, Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) as House Majority Leader, and Will Ainsworth (R-Guntersville) is the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

Sen. Steve Livingston (R-Scottsboro) played a pivotal role in recruiting Google to Jackson County and is leading the attempt to jumpstart Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, while Rep. Tommy Hanes (R-Scottsboro) is a firebrand conservative who is known for fighting corruption and protecting taxpayer money.

The Young Republicans of Northeast Alabama will seek to expand regional influence statewide.