Financial Surplus for DeKalb BOE

Financial Surplus for DeKalb BOE

By Marla Jones


RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The DeKalb County Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting on August 16, 2018.

At the workshop, the Board were updated by Kyle Keith and Todd Smith of Schneider Electric regarding the changes that were to be implemented with the energy conservation program.  This program is set to save the school system up to 30% per year.

Anthony Cooper, the Board’s Chief Financial Officer, presented the Board with the first of two State Mandated Budget hearings. The school system is set to finish the fiscal year with a financial surplus. Cooper advised that the State as a whole, according to Education Net Receipts would finish with a 6% excess.

In the regular session, the Board accepted the following retirements and resignations:

• Arnold Hugh Peek, Retirement-Bus Driver-Fyffe High School

• Myra Saint, Retirement-Bus Driver-Crossville High School

• Frank Hambrick, Jr., Retirement-Health/Drivers Education-Valley Head High School

• Susan Stoner, Resignation-CNP Worker-Collinsville High School

• Melissa Silver, Resignation-Assistant Custodian-Geraldine High School

• Alan Smart, Resignation-Junior Football and Assistant Football Coaching Duties Only-Sylvania

• Jenny Bolin, Resignation-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Elementary

• Miles Keith, Resignation-P.E. Teacher-Crossville Middle School

• Kayla Holcomb, Resignation- Elementary Teacher and Head Volleyball Coach-Crossville Elementary School/Crossville High School

• Regina Parris-Resignation-Secondary Mathematics Teacher-Fyffe High School

The following Leave of Absences were granted:

• Mary Dixon-P E Teacher, Moon Lake Elementary School (8/1/18-8/19/18)

• Debra Hall- Assistant Principal, Crossville High School (7/18/18-1/7/19)

• Michele Kincer- CNP Assistant Manager, Moon Lake Elementary School (8/1/18-9/4/18)

• Kathy Porter--CNP Manager, Ider High School (8/1/18-9/30/18)

• Dedra Tuten-Elementary Teacher, Geraldine High School (8/1/18-8/31/18)

The following were approved for transfer:

• Luke Griggs-P.E. Teacher at Collinsville High School to Secondary Social Sciences Teacher at Plainview High School

• Lezlie Pope- English Language Arts Teacher at Crossville Middle School to English Language Arts Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High

• Tracy Hulgan-Secondary Social Science Teacher to Intervention Teacher at Collinsville High School

Chuck Dutton-Secondary Social Science Teacher at Collinsville High School to Intervention Teacher at Crossville High School

The following placements were made:

• James Ikard-Secondary Social Science Teacher-Crossville High School

• Brian Poole- P.E. Teacher-Crossville Middle School

• Sherri Carr-Mathematics Teacher-Crossville Middle School

• Lydia Peek-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Elementary School

• Casey Kittle-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Elementary School

• Emily Bales-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Elementary School

• Dillon Harden-Secondary Social Science Teacher-Collinsville High School

• Kacy Harcrow-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Middle School

• Heather Headrick-Secondary Mathematics Teacher-Fyffe High School

• Bo Williams-Secondary Social Sciences Teacher-Collinsville High School

The following support positions were placed:

• Lee Banks-Bus Driver-Collinsville High School

• Danielle Brown-Store Worker- 6 hrs-4 hr Crossville Middle School/2 hr Crossville Elementary

• Jordan Kendall- Pre K Auxiliary-Crossville Middle School

• Crystal Taylor-Pre K Auxiliary-Plainview High School

• Gregoria Sarabia-12 month Custodian-Collinsville High School

• Alissa Mann-9 month Custodian-Geraldine High School

• Linsey Ann Haygood-CNP Worker-Collinsville High School

The following Coaching Supplements were granted:

• Luke Griggs-Girls Basketball-Plainview High School

• James Ikard-Head Volleyball-Crossville High School

The following Volunteer Coaches were approved:

• Danny Jackson-Baseball-Ider High School

• Jeff Whitaker-Baseball-Ider High School

• A.J. Blevins-Baseball-Ider High School

• Jason Hood-Baseball-Ider High School

• Trevor Gibson-Baseball-Ider High School

• Landry Gaddis-Baseball-Ider High School

• Kent Weldon-Baseball-Ider High School

• Jamie Pruett-Girls Basketball-Ider High School

• David Wood-Football-Ider High School

• Jay Massey-Football/Basketball-Ider High School

• Billy Black-Football-Ider High School

• Dewayne Heard-Football-Ider High School

• Terry Ray Gant-Football-Ider High School

• Eddie Hawkins-Football- Ider High School

• Bailey Hawkins-Cheerleading-Crossville High School

• David Hinton-Football-Crossville High School

• Corey Garmon-Football-Crossville High School

The following Policy Additions were made upon the Superintendent's recommendation:

• Authority to Expend Funds without Board Approval- The DeKalb County Board of Education grants authority to the Superintendent, subject to applicable laws, policies, and board approved budget limitations, to expend funds and enter into contracts involving amounts less than $15,000 for budgeted operating expenditures, without advance board approval. (This was recommended by Auditor to have on record)

• Student Email Usage Policy- Email accounts will be provided to students in grades 7-12 to support the educational, instructional, extra-curricular, and administrative needs of the school system.  Student access to email is subject to all policies and ethical standards outlined in the DeKalb County Policies and Procedures Handbook and the DeKalb County Student Code of Conduct.  All digital communications initiated or transmitted through software or hardware owned or managed by DeKalb County Schools must be appropriate and responsible.  Email account privileges may be revoked for misuse, abuse, or other violation as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  The Board cannot guarantee for privacy, security, or confidentiality of any information sent or received via email.  The Board will use a filtering device to limit inappropriate content.

The Date of the next board meeting will be September 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.  Work session/budget hearing will begin at 4:00 p.m.