Coolidge-Isbell Field Has a New Look this season!

Coolidge-Isbell Field Has a New Look this season!

PHOTO: DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett and Board Member Mark Richards hang out on Geraldine's new bleachers. (Marla Jones | Southern Torch)

Marla Jones, Sports Editor

GERALDINE, Ala. — Friday night, as fans gather for the Geraldine season opener against Fyffe, they will notice several changes at the Coolidge-Isbell Field at Geraldine High School.    

Geraldine replaced the visitors side bleachers and claimed them as their home side. The concrete bleachers that once housed Geraldine Fans will now be for the visiting team.  Fifteen yards was added to the width of the field along with a new fence around the field.    

“The Board and I are proud to be able to make these improvements to the Geraldine Football Stadium bleachers” said Dr. Jason Barnett, Superintendent of Education for DeKalb County Schools.

“By replacing the visitor bleachers and making them the home side, this should make for a safer and more enjoyable experience for all fans as they visit Geraldine High School,” explained Barnett. 

“We are so proud to be able to do this for the school and community.  I attended Meet the Bulldogs, last Saturday and that was the most people I have seen in years,  They energy and excitement was unreal” said DeKalb Board of Education Board Member, Mark Richards.

“Also, the athletic club has worked so hard. Things look better than they ever have. The Coaches and and players are fired up also. I just want to thank everybody that has a part in the program. Things are really going well,” added Richards. 

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  1. that’s really nice for the bulldogs… now if only some other schools that are in dire need of lunchroom expansions, classrooms, new gyms (with air conditioning) etc….. but the board doesn’t seem to have the money for things like that…….

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