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Family mourns loss of crash victim

Timothy Ledon Smith

Timothy Ledon Smith was killed when his motorcycle left the roadway

By Tyler Pruett


FORT PAYNE, Ala.— Late Wednesday afternoon, the family and friends of Timothy Smith gathered near the intersection of Pack and Sylvania Gap Road (Co. Rd 27) near Fort Payne. It was at this spot that Smith suffered a fatal motorcycle accident the previous weekend.

The group of about 15 had gathered to mourn the unexpected loss of their loved one. They also searched for answers, as Timothy was an experienced motorcyclist and always wore his helmet.

“He had just gotten a brand new helmet that he was really proud of,” said Fredie Smith, the victim’s father.

“They didn’t find it on him. It doesn’t make any sense,” Smith said, “so we’re out here looking for it.”

Even with the use of a tractor, the thick briars and summer foliage made a search attempt difficult.

“It probably won’t be found until winter,” one family member said.

Motorcycle Fatality

Smith’s family and friends gathered at the accident scene on Wednesday afternoon

Timothy Ledon Smith, age 21, was found approximately 30 feet from the roadway, along with his motorcycle on Monday, July 4. Being a heavily wooded area, the accident was believed to have happened early Saturday morning.

Family members became concerned for Smith on Saturday when a friend called his older brother, informing him that Smith didn’t show up the previous night.

What they did not yet know, Smith’s motorcycle had left the roadway and skidded into a grassy area in a curve near Pack Road.

The victim was an experienced motorcyclist. According to his family, he was practicing to run the Dragon’s Tale; a stretch of road in North Carolina that bikers from around the country drive to test their skills.

“He laid there two days and two nights before they found him,” said Smith’s father.

Motorcycle Fatality

Smith’s family is not only looking for answers, but also his new red helmet that’s yet to be recovered

“It kills me…. I came right through here at about 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, having no idea that he was laying in their just right off the road,” he said.

Timothy Smith was described as a very well liked, hard working young man.

“I couldn’t even keep up with all the friends he had,” said Smith’s father, “He loved to weld. The last time I saw him he had gotten out my new MIG welder and was playing around with it before he left that Friday.”

The family was very thankful for the support of the community that they received following the tragic news.

The victim was currently employed at Valley Joist as a welder, where he loved his job. The company came together to pay their respects for their coworker.

“They shut down his whole section at Valley Joist to pay their respects,” Smith’s mother said.

“We’ve also gotten calls from the CEO and other executives at the company to pay their respects and offer support,” she added, “the employees and staff also contributed $616 towards Tim’s funeral.”

The family also expressed thanks to Rick and Martha of Fort Payne Advanced Auto, as well as Phillip Lassetter of Fort Payne Powersports, who knew Timothy through his passion for motorcycles.

“They were there for us from the moment they heard the news,” Smith’s mother said.

Funeral services for Timothy Ledon Smith were held on Wednesday, July 6, beginning 11 a.m. at the W.T. Wilson Funeral Chapel. The family received friends on Tuesday from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.


  1. Liz Edwards
    Liz Edwards July 07, 21:52
    Could you please correct your article? Fredie is Tim's father, not his uncle.
    • Southern Torch
      Southern Torch Author July 08, 10:41
      We've corrected the article. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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