Sheriff's Office updates on officer shooting

Sheriff's Office updates on officer shooting

By Staff Reports

DeKALB COUNTY, Ala. — According to DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris: On the night of Friday, October 19, the Henagar Police Department received a call of a person possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol on County Road 85. The Henagar officer located the vehicle and proceeded to follow the vehicle.

The driver was all over the road. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle with his blue lights engaged, the vehicle pulled over. As the officer approached the vehicle, the suspect took off again.

The Henagar officer returned to his vehicle to pursue the vehicle again. As the vehicle turned right onto County Road 131, the vehicle was from ditch to ditch and by this time, a DeKalb County deputy fell in behind the Henagar officer. The vehicle would not stop. The Henagar officer attempted the pit maneuver, trying to disable the vehicle. The suspect's vehicle did not spin a full 180 degrees as the pit maneuver is designed to do. The suspect's vehicle was sideways in the road, as the suspect exited the vehicle and the Henagar officer and deputy exited their vehicles, the suspect began firing, striking the Henagar officer's vehicle in the driver's door 4 to 5 times. The Henagar officer and Sheriff's deputy began returning fire, striking the suspect in the arms. The suspect was taken to Erlanger Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris stated, "I called the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) to do an investigation. We sent our deputy home with pay pending the investigation. This is our procedure that we use on any officer shooting or internal investigation."

"On the scene that night, Henagar Chief Randall Smith and I discussed that because they were in the County when shots were fire, we would use the SBI to investigate this case. Both officers did an outstanding job standing up in the line of fire and returning fire," he continued. "We are fortunate that neither one of them was injured. This is a good shoot and I am positive that the SBI will come back and clear both officers."

"The suspect's name is Jeremy Barnet from Jackson County. Thanks to Circuit Clerk Pam Simpson [for coming] out at midnight on Friday night to issue two attempted murder warrants on Barnet," the Sheriff concluded.